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Direct Swap #11

I reached my current limit of Postcrossing cards (10), so I went on the forum to find someone to swap with. And I found Wesley! Wesley is collecting US mapcards, and he didn’t have Virginia, so I contacted him. He had a list of cards to choose from and I choose the one below. It’s gorgeous! He also added these super and amazing stamps! I just love them. And I love that he added the extra stuff around the stamp. I’m so pleased I contacted him! 🙂


I sent Wesley the card below, and I added some bird stamps, since he likes birds (especially owls).


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New Pen Pal!

Merve sent me a thank you letter from Turkey after I had sent her a card. She mentioned wanting to be pen pals and I think that’d be fun! So I wrote her back today. She collects Band-Aids, and I just bought these cute Pacman ones. So I cut up the box and made her a card. She also likes cards of Disney and stadiums, so I added one of each. I included one of Lambeau Field – home of the greatest football team in America – the Green Bay Packers! 🙂 To match, I used a stamp of the legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi.


TURKEY-card-Merve TURKEY-card2-Merve TURKEY-BandsAids-MerveTURKEY-stamps2-Merve

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Direct Swap #10

10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ2-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ1-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ3-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ4-dec3.2012


Vivienne in Christchurch, New Zealand sent me a really interesting pair of mapcards. One is an older card, with Christchurch Cathedral as their icon. The Feb. 22, 2011 earthquake destroyed the church, so now the city is represented by roses. On a complete sidenote, I LOVE the Par Avion sticker! The design is so clean. Vivienne had originally contacted me seeking a Virginia mapcard. I also had a Wisconsin one, so I sent both.

Virginia_Mapcard 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ-card-dec3-2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ-stamps-dec3.2012

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Sent Cards #59

I thought I would start including pictures of stamps that I use on my cards. I love using vintage stamps! I have a few resources where I buy them for face value, and I think they look so neat on my cards. I also hope that I’m posting them correctly, because I’d really like to not get sued by the Post Office! Uncanceled stamps can be reproduced if they’re less than 75% or 150% larger than the original.

64-CANADA2-dec12.2012 64-CANADA-dec12.2012  64-CANADA4-dec12.201264-CANADA5-dec12.2012-stamps

Dadja in Quebec, Canada likes things that are “dark and luminous, magical and fanciful, gothic and artistic…” I love that! So I’m sending her a card of the World’s Largest Carousel which is in Spring Green, Wisconsin at House on the Rock. That carousel is pure magic. I wish the photo was better, but it truly is amazing. So is House on the Rock! She wanted recipes so I’m sending her my top 3, and she likes reading so I’m including two stamps of authors!

UPDATE Dec. 22, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 933 km! Lynn said: “Wow a lot of thing !! 😀  First ; The Id postcard make me laugh… 998877 XD  I loveeee the owl stickers you put on the postcard !!  I had great time to read you, and the recipies ! 🙂  Thank you for alllll ! That made my day !! 🙂  Merry Postcrossing ! :D” Nice reply! 🙂 That was so good to read! 

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Received Card #57

57-POLAND-dec11.2012 57-POLAND-dec11.2012-stamps

Susan from Poland, sent me this card of a pretty church in Sosnowiec.

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Received Card #56

56-CHINA-dec8.2012 56-CHINA-dec8.2012-stamps

Huihui in Maanshan, China is a 17 year old that sent me this super, pretty lighthouse card!

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Direct Swap #9

Whew! Alberto in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil contacted me about a direct swap in the middle of November, and I was a little worried because he’d received my card on Nov. 19. But finally, today, I received his! YAY! I completely blame this on the Richmond Postal service. I’ve had soooo many problems with them! Ugh. But I’m so happy I received this card today. 🙂 I love the stamp most of all!


Alberto had contacted me about exchanging a Maryland mapcard. I initially told him I didn’t have one (after checking 3 times) but a day later I found one! 🙂 Yay! It was my last one, so now, obviously, I need to go on vacation to Maryland to find more. 🙂


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Sent Cards #56, 57 & 58


Minna in Leppävirta, Finland had several cards on her favorites list that I have! I decided to send the first two I saw. Plus I’m sending an ad card – “Night of the Auk” – she said she likes movie posters and sci-fi, so I’m hoping she likes it.

UPDATE Dec. 21, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 16 days after traveling 7,110 km! Minna said: “Thank you for the wonderful set of cards I received from you today. The envelope already promised a lot – gorgeous stamps from my field of interests and an Angry Birds sticker. The cards were so great. I was very happy to learn what this Liberty of Statue picture is about!” She also wrote that some members of her family started a circus (!!!) called Sorin Sirkus. It sounds so familiar, but I’m not sure why – I’m guessing when I worked for a circus, someone had talked about it or worked for them. Small world! 


Ans in the Netherlands likes cards about the Navy, ports, ships, etc. So I sent her this card from the largest Naval base in the world! It’s in Norfolk, VA just 2 hours from me. 🙂

UPDATE Dec. 20, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 15 days after traveling 6,325 km! Ans said: “Aye, Thank you very much for your wonderfine naval card, and much appreciated matching and real postage.  Lovely handpicked nautical impressive sending, beautiful! I like it a lot.  I wish you Warm last december days, and a Cool 2013.” 🙂


Lynn in Taiwan likes Disney cards, so I’m sending this one. 🙂

UPDATE Dec. 25, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 20 days after traveling 12,805 km! Lynn said: “Oh, thanks a lot Maria, what a lovely card. I really appreciate it!!!! It’s so cute and best overseas X’mas gift and makes my day!!! Thanks again. Wish you a merry X’mas and wonderful 2013!!” What a lovely message! 🙂 Especially on Christmas – that makes me feel good!

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Received Card #55


Favorite cheese: Brie or Blue Cheese

I just love this stamp! Tarja in Finland send this card to me, and that reminds me that I just bought some Finnish cheese when I was home in Wisconsin called Juustoleipä (pronounced YOO-sto-LAY-pa). I’m so excited to try it! It’s supposed to be amazing on bread.

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Ciao from Italia!


Tammy sent me this super cool card when she was in Vatican City, Italy. Wow, these stamps are sooooo neat! I love them! 🙂

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