Sent Cards #59

I thought I would start including pictures of stamps that I use on my cards. I love using vintage stamps! I have a few resources where I buy them for face value, and I think they look so neat on my cards. I also hope that I’m posting them correctly, because I’d really like to not get sued by the Post Office! Uncanceled stamps can be reproduced if they’re less than 75% or 150% larger than the original.

64-CANADA2-dec12.2012 64-CANADA-dec12.2012  64-CANADA4-dec12.201264-CANADA5-dec12.2012-stamps

Dadja in Quebec, Canada likes things that are “dark and luminous, magical and fanciful, gothic and artistic…” I love that! So I’m sending her a card of the World’s Largest Carousel which is in Spring Green, Wisconsin at House on the Rock. That carousel is pure magic. I wish the photo was better, but it truly is amazing. So is House on the Rock! She wanted recipes so I’m sending her my top 3, and she likes reading so I’m including two stamps of authors!

UPDATE Dec. 22, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 933 km! Lynn said: “Wow a lot of thing !! 😀  First ; The Id postcard make me laugh… 998877 XD  I loveeee the owl stickers you put on the postcard !!  I had great time to read you, and the recipies ! 🙂  Thank you for alllll ! That made my day !! 🙂  Merry Postcrossing ! :D” Nice reply! 🙂 That was so good to read! 

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