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Received Card #76 & 77

76-TAIWAN-feb28 76-TAIWAN-feb28-stamps

This card reminded me I haven’t watched much manga. I like it, but I just haven’t seen much of it. This card is from Zheng-Yu in Taiwan, and the card shows a character from his favorite manga – “Katekyo Hitman Reborn.” I love the dragon stamp!

77-RUSSIA-feb28 77-RUSSIA-feb28-stamps

Dima in Izhevsk, Russia sent me this beautiful card of St. Mikhail’s Cathedral in his hometown. The stamps are awesome – I love the one on the left!

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Sent Card #80


This card went to Desiree in Germany! Her profile says she likes cards with cartoons, so I thought I’d send her this card I got when I was in Wisconsin last week. I went on a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory, and was delighted to see postcards in their shop! (They’re the first thing I look for in shops. 🙂 )

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,678 km! Desiree said many thanks for the great postcard and stamps! She also complimented me on my German! Yay! 🙂

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Sent Card #78 & 79


Laura in Pensacola, Florida had this card on her wish list, so I was happy to send it! Her profile picture has an octopus on it, so I included an octopus sticker.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 4 days after traveling 1,192 km! Laura wrote, “Thank you for the wonderful “snail mail is not dead” postcard!!! I love it. (…) Thank you again for taking the time to send a card I really like.” Yay! I love when people love their card from me. 🙂 


Yay! This card expired, but it usually takes a while for cards to get to China. This one went to Tang, and it arrived today after nearly 3 months!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 83 days after traveling 12,030 km! Tang wrote, “thank you”.

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Received Card #74 & 75


Vadim in Khabarovsk, Russia sent me this great card. I love the smaller picture on the right side. It’s such a great example of old Communist city planning with huge standardized apartment blocks surrounding the city, and everything else in the center of the town. When I lived in St. Petersburg, I lived in one of those apartment buildings, and it was always confusing which one I was living in! Apparently this isn’t rare, and a super popular Soviet film was released in the 1970s about a guy who gets confused and enters the wrong apartment, and insisting that it’s his home. The film is called, “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” It’s an awesome movie!

75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card3 75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card275-TURKEY-feb25  75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-stamps

Ceyda from Turkey is also a graphic designer and sent me these awesome cards and equally awesome stamps! Yay! 🙂 She told me about a Turkish fondue called Muhlama. I found a recipe for it, and I want to try to make it!

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Sent Card #77

EXPIRED-48-absurdgirl-oct31.2012-front EXPIRED-48a-absurdgirl-feb7.2013-stamps

Yay! Another expired card arrived today, after I resent it. I have a lot of trouble with cards that go to Russia and China. I think it helps a lot when the address is also written in Russian or Chinese, but most people just write the English version. This card went to Irina who lives in Moscow, Russia and she likes horses. The Virginia Museum of Fine Art strangely has a LOT of horse paintings, and this is one of them.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 117 days after traveling 7,990 km! Irina wrote, “Maria, hello! Thank you very much for the card, it’s worth waiting for, I like it very much!”

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Sent Card #76

EXPIRED-59-BELARUS-dec12.2012 EXPIRED-59a-BELARUS2-feb7.2013-stamps  EXPIRED-59-BELARUS2-dec12.2012-stamp

This card expired a few weeks ago, so I sent another one. I had FIVE expire within a few days of each other, so I was determined they would get there and resent them all! Alena in Brestskaya, Belarus likes mapcards so I sent this one to her. I had originally sent a card with the Eugene O’Neill and cat stamps, but unfortunately they’re vintage and the last ones I had. It’s so disappointing when my cards get lost, but at least the 2nd one made it!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 74 days after traveling 7,566 km! Alena wrote “Maria, greetings from Belarus and many thanks for the beautiful postcard and stamps! Unfortunately, I have not received your first card, but maybe it will come – yesterday I received a postcard from Germany, which was (probably on foot) for 2 months! Happy postcrossing! Alena” Hahhha Sometimes I think my cards are traveling by foot! Well said. 

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Received Card #72 & 73


I would love to go to the place on this card! So pretty! Athabasca Glacier is part of the Columbia Icefield, located in the Canadian Rockies. Margaret sent me this lovely card she recently acquired on vacation, and she lives in England.

73-GERMANY-feb23.2013 73-GERMANY-feb23.2013-stamp

I love handmade cards! Jan-Erik sent me this card he made of Zossen, Germany.

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Croatian swap!

croatia3croatia croatia2  Scan 1

I found Antonella in the Postcrossing forum. She was looking for USA mapcards, and I had 2 that she needed. She lives in Croatia, and I don’t have a single card from there. I don’t even have a single Croatian stamp in my stamp album! So I wrote her, and asked if she could put the cards in an envelope, so I could add the stamp to my album. Not only did she do that, she sent a BUNCH of Croatian and Jugoslavian stamps!!! My favorite is definitely the heart. 🙂 What a great surprise to get this in the mail! 

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Received Card #70 & 71

71-POLAND-feb22.2013-card 71-POLAND-feb22.2013-stamp71-POLAND-feb22.2013-airmail

Magda lives in Libiąż, Poland and sent me this pretty card. Peacock feathers are so beautiful!


My first card from Israel! And what a beautiful one too. Yulia said that right before she drew my name on Postcrossing, she was eating Brie. So funny! I am obsessed with cheese. And I just love this card!

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Received Card #68 & 69

69-GERMANY-feb20.2013-card 69-GERMANY-feb20.2013-stamp

Favorite cheese: Österreichischer Bergkäse (mountain cheese made from the milk of cows that graze in the Alps)

Imke lives in Germany, pretty close to Hannover where I spent a summer in high school. She sent me this great handmade card!

68-US-feb20.2013-card 68-US-feb20.2013-stamp

Eugenie in California sent me this card of Moscow State University. I was there many years ago, so seeing this card brought back some happy memories! 🙂 I love the nursing stamp, and Eugenie is a nurse, so I thought it was pretty cool she used it.

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