Sent Card #68 & 69

Hurray! Two of my cards arrived at their destinations today – and in record time! It took 7 days for a card to get to Taiwan and 4 days for the other to get to Germany! I’m amazed. It takes at least 4 days for a letter to get from Virginia to Wisconsin, which shows just how awesome the German Post is!


This card went to Chiao-Ling who is a high school student in Taiwan. She likes city view cards, so I sent her one of Richmond.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 12,998 km! I can’t believe it only took a week to get to Taiwan!!! Chiao-Ling said, “hello^^ thank you sent a special card for me 🙂 the stamp are so pretty. I like to use stickers in my postcard too. It’s cute ^^ thank you very much HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!” 🙂

77-GERMANY-feb2.2013-2 77-GERMANY-feb2.2013-envelope-stamps 77-GERMANY-feb2.2013-stamps

Michael is a postman (!) in Germany. He lives in a small town, which happens to be about 1/2 hour in between where 2 of my friends live. That’s the 2nd time a card has gone to that area between my friends. Postcrossing constantly reminds me what a small world we live in! He wrote on his profile that his girlfriend collects stamps, so I couldn’t resist adding a few mint ones for her and some interesting ones on the envelope!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 4 days after traveling 6,740 km! Michael wrote, “Many thanks for the card and stamps. Hope everything is well!” 

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4 thoughts on “Sent Card #68 & 69

  1. Susannah - SuSu29

    I agree – German Post is one of the fastest I’ve seen. I have had cards as quick as 3 and 4 days several times. Love the stamps too!

  2. Wonderful post cards!

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