Another swap with Yiqi! :)

RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-front2  RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-front1RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stamp RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stamp2RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stickers

Yiqi agreed to swap with me, after I had seen one of these great cards she had sent by Martin Wiscombe in the Postcrossing gallery. I was so excited to get these two today! They’re beautiful. Yiqi has a great way with words and I loved reading these cards, and the other two she send a month ago. She wrote that British food is “seriously terrible”, and I’m guessing the vast majority of the world agrees, but I really like English food. 🙂 It’s really bland and never upsets my stomach!

Below are the two cards I sent her a month ago: 

YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-card2-front  YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-front

YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-stamps  YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-card2-stamps

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