Received Card #74 & 75


Vadim in Khabarovsk, Russia sent me this great card. I love the smaller picture on the right side. It’s such a great example of old Communist city planning with huge standardized apartment blocks surrounding the city, and everything else in the center of the town. When I lived in St. Petersburg, I lived in one of those apartment buildings, and it was always confusing which one I was living in! Apparently this isn’t rare, and a super popular Soviet film was released in the 1970s about a guy who gets confused and enters the wrong apartment, and insisting that it’s his home. The film is called, “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” It’s an awesome movie!

75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card3 75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card275-TURKEY-feb25  75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-stamps

Ceyda from Turkey is also a graphic designer and sent me these awesome cards and equally awesome stamps! Yay! 🙂 She told me about a Turkish fondue called Muhlama. I found a recipe for it, and I want to try to make it!

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