Sent Card #85

Airmail sticker card 67-UKRAINE-jan7.2013-Postcard-front85-NETHERLANDS-march4-tix 85-NETHERLANDS-march4-envelope-stamp

These cards went to Marloes in the Netherlands. She had an interesting question on her profile – she asked if the person sending her a card could add something that reminded them of their country. I really had to think about that – what reminds me of the US and what’s small enough to fit in an envelope? I finally settled on a movie ticket, because it seems American movies are still massively popular overseas.

This particular ticket is for “Wreck-It Ralph”. I saw it at a “budget” theater which is where they play films that are a little older (a month to several months old). Therefore the movie only costed $2.75US! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 9 days after traveling 6,348 km! Marloes wrote, ”You got the great honor to send me my first postcrossing card 🙂 Thank you so much!” That’s so cool her 1st card was mine! I hope she enjoys Postcrossing as much as I do. 

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