Sent Cards #88 & 89

84-POLAND-march4-card-front 84-POLAND-march4-card-stamp

Emily lives in Wrocław, Poland and likes reading and Harry Potter. I wish I had some Harry Potter cards, but sadly I don’t. 😦 So I sent her this card of a bookcover that I love, and was sort of hard to part with! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 18 days after traveling 7,156 km! Emily wrote me a really sweet thank you, and was happy to receive my card. She also shares my love of Snape! 🙂 



Another card arrived in Poland today! Hurray! 🙂 It had expired, so I’m really happy it made it there. Thomas is a teacher by day and a knight… well, at night. He travels Poland with his friends and participates in tournaments. I think that’s so cool! Of course he prefers his cards to be knight themed – so I had originally sent him the card of the castle above. But sadly, it was lost in the mail. It was also really sad because it was my last one and I had bought it in Chicago. So I tried again and sent him a Virginia mapcard. It finally arrived today! Although it wasn’t knight themed, my stamp had a castle and a conquistador… which I know isn’t the same, but I tried!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 98 days after traveling 7,315 km! Thomas wrote, “Thank you very much for the lovely postcard. This postcard came to me. Greetings from Poland. :)”

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