Swap #24

Yan from Hong Kong studies printing & publishing and wants to be a writer. She contacted me about swapping me for my Postcrossing airmail card. She said she also collects stamps! Yay! She asked me how many to send and I told her I’d send as many as she sent me. 🙂 She sent me all these fabulous things on April 22, and today she received my letter.

24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april17-postcard1  24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april17-postcard4

Above is a card Yan made with stamps. I think she laminated it. I LOVE it. Such a great idea. I’m definitely going to try to make something like this. And I adore the stamp – and postmark – on it.

24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april18-brochure 24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april17-postcard224-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april17-postcard3

This is a brochure and postcard (and stamp on the back of the card) Yan received at the Hong Kong Stamp Exhibition that she just when to.

24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april18-airmail 24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april18-stamps1

She also sent me some airmail stickers because I collect them. And above are the stamps she used on the envelope.


Yan sent me a TON of fantastic stamps, and these are some of my favorites. They are all awesome though!


Above is a brochure and postcard from the National Postal Museum I sent to Yan, and below are the other postcards I sent. I also sent her a bunch of stamps and a bookmark I made from stamps. 🙂 SUCH A GREAT SWAP! 

Queen Machin stamp postcard Airmail sticker card24-DIRECT-SWAP-HONGKONG-yan-april22-bookmark

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