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Sent Card #133

133-UKRAINE-july19.2013 133-UKRAINE-july19.2013-stamps

I love this card! 🙂 It went to Sveta in Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine. I had really wanted to mention that I love Oksana Baiul (who was born there), but I ran out of room! I write too much on postcards. 🙂 I need to learn how to write smaller, even though I write pretty tiny right now! (My friends always laugh at how small my “postcard writing” is. 🙂 )

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 13 days after traveling 8,384 km! Sveta wrote, “Thanks a lot for your beatiful postcard)) Best wishes from Ukraine”

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Received Cards #127 & 128

127-USA-KENTUCKY-july31.2013Scan 4

Favorite cheese: Colby-Jack

Amanda in Richmond, Kentucky, USA sent me this card (in Richmond, Virginia! 🙂 ) This card is of Calumet Farm which is famous for their thoroughbred horses. They’re produced two Triple Crown winners and eight Kentucky Derby Winners! The farm is on 800 acres and has 9 houses, 15 barns, a 3/4 mile training track and their own vet clinic! It’s near the Lexington Airport so when you fly in, you can see 30 miles of white fences!

128-TAIWAN-july31.2013 Scan 3


Favorite cheese: Loves cheese but doesn’t have a favorite 🙂 

Jessica from Taiwan sent me this pretty card from Yushan National Park. The washi tape she added is so cute! Yushan is home to Taiwan’s highest peak on Mount Jade.

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Sent Cards #131 & 132

Airmail sticker card131-POLAND-july22.2013-pcard-stamps

Martha in Warsaw, Poland is new to Postcrossing and hadn’t received a card yet, so I really wanted to send her one of my cards. I thought it would be a cool 1st card to get. 🙂 (It’s really rare to get either a Postcrossing card or stamp!)

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 7,332 km! Martha wrote, “Thank you for this beautiful postcard. I’m really happy, because it’s my first card in postcrossing and getting it made me thrilled.”  


Deltlover in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada likes baseball, so I sent him this card I picked up last year in Chicago. Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards, so Deltlover is short for lover of postcards. 🙂 Cool name!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 47 days after traveling 738 km! Deltlover wrote, “thx for the card.” Wow! 47 days! I’m so curious what journey my card took, since it would only take about 13 hours to drive there!!! lol 

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Sent Card #130

3-DIRECT-SWAP-POLAND2a136-NORWAY-july22.2013-envelope-stamps 136-NORWAY-july22.2013-stamps

Eivind in Oslo, Norway wrote on his profile that he likes history and collecting stamps – like me! 🙂 I sent him this card from the White House of the Confederacy here in Richmond. I also included some stamps for his collection.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 6,392 km! Eivind wrote, “Howdy, and thank you so much for the postcards and stamps. I visited Richmond two years ago, and among other things visited both the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House next door.” He also said that he visited the grave of President Davis and he went to Lexington and saw the graves of Stonewall Jackson, General Lee and Lee’s horse. What a small world! That’s really neat he’s been to Richmond. 🙂 I think he’s the 1st person I’ve written a card to that’s been here.

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Received Card #126


Hank in Marietta, Georgia, USA sent me this very beautiful and bright mapcard! I love it! This is my first mapcard (and card) from Georgia.

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Sent Card #129


This card went to Anja in the Netherlands who likes to read. Her favorite writer is Stephen King, and I really love him too! I told her I have a close friend who’s from Maine (where Stephen King lives) and he’s the same age as King’s son. So my friend would see him when he was in high school at basketball games. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 4 days after traveling 6,348 km! Anja wrote, “Hi Maria, thank you so much for you postcard! I am very well thank you. I have summer holiday now, 6 weeks off so plenty time to read! It is very hot now in the Netherlands, we set warmth records!”

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Sent Card #128


This Virginia mapcard went to Olga in Redmond, Washington, USA! She is a librarian which I thought was really interesting, so I asked her some questions about her job.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 3,773 km! Olga thanked me for the card, and answered all of my questions, which was really, really sweet of her! 🙂 

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Received Card #125

125-BELARUS-july19.2013 125-BELARUS-july19.2013-STICKER 125-BELARUS-july19.2013-stamp

Pavel in Belarus sent me this card – it didn’t scan very well. He added a sample of Belorussian embroidery on the back. I like the stamp!

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Received Cards #121, 122, 123 & 124

121-RUSSIA-july13.2013 121-RUSSIA-july13.2013-stamp

I love this card! Elena from Tomsk, Russia sent it to me. I LOVE watching the Olympics, so this was a wonderful card to receive! I’m so excited to watch the Olympics next year! (Especially the figure skating!!!)

122-RUSSIA-july13.2013 122-RUSSIA-july13.2013-stamp

Favorite cheese: Doesn’t really like cheese, but does sometimes eat Brie and Russian soft cheese with apricots & almonds  

I love this postcard too! 🙂 So perfect for me. I love collecting stamps, and Russia is my largest international collection! Nastya from Russia sent me this great card!


So cute – this card says, “World power with 3 letters?” “Me.” 🙂 Anja from Köln, Germany sent it.

124-JAPAN-july13.2013 124-JAPAN-july13.2013-airmail 124-JAPAN-july13.2013-stamp

Satashi from Ise, Japan sent me this card. I don’t usually post the written portion of the postcard, but this is the “front” side (the other side has my address). Also, after I registered the postcard, it appears this is a group of students that are sending cards. Pretty neat! I found her questions pretty interesting. It took me a while to answer them! 1. Popular American foods are cheeseburgers & French fries, chicken, corn and watermelon. 2. The most famous American is Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe Benjamin Franklin, JFK, Michael Jackson or Walt Disney. It was really hard to decide. I’m sure there are better answers, but this is what I thought of off the top of my head!

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Received Cards #119 & 120

119-POLAND-july10.2013 119-POLAND-july10.2013-stamp

Sylwia from Poland sent me a neat postcard from the Beskid Mountains that stretch from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. It looks really pretty! It seems a lot of people on Postcrossing don’t like multi-view cards, but I think they’re really cool. Instead of one picture, I get a bunch!


Favorite cheese: Morbier

Eva from Germany sent me this cute card of a cat and mouse that says, “Peace is super!”

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