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Postcard from Maine!


My fiancé’s sister sent us this card from Maine, USA. Oddly, it didn’t have a cancellation. 🙂 The lighthouses are so pretty – I’ve been lucky to see a few of them in person. Maine is one of my favorite states!

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Sent Card #138


I sent this card to Elena in Minsk, Belarus, because she said on her profile that she likes lighthouses. I do too! 🙂 I went to the top of Old Cape Henry Lighthouse last year. She asked what my favorite aphorism is, and I told her, “Do unto others as others would do unto you.” Hard words to live by!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 21 days after traveling 7,602 km! Elena wrote, “Thanks for your beautiful card =) “

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Received Cards #136 & 137


Favorite cheeses: Havarti, smoked Gouda & cheese curds 

Jen from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA sent me this awesome card today! If you plant the card in a little soil and water it, it will grow. 🙂 The card is made with wildflower seeds. How neat is that? There is more info here – I think I will have to order some cards, because I don’t want to “plant” Jen’s card. 🙂

136-CZECH-aug26.2013 136-CZECH-aug26.2013-stamp

And in keeping with the plant theme… I also received this card from Yevgeniya in the Czech Republic today. 🙂 Sunflowers are so pretty… I love how they follow the sun! Yevgeniya bought this card in Hannover, Germany which I think is really neat (I lived there one summer). Hannover is awesome!

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Received Cards #133, 134 & 135


Svetlana in Minsk, Belarus sent me this beautiful card, and amazing stamp! My favorite stamps are Olympic ones, so I was really delighted to get this stamp! 🙂


Natalia from Svetogorsk, Russia found this card in an antique shop while traveling. I LOVE IT! It is a photo from St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. I visited the cathedral when I was in Russia in 2000. It is such a beautiful church! I was so excited to see this card. 🙂

133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013 133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013-stamp133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013-airmail

My 1st card from Singapore! Ashlyn sent me this cool ad card. I was so excited to get it, plus the stamps and airmail sticker!

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Sent Card #137

Airmail sticker cardinternational

Sophy from Taipei City, Taiwan wrote that she really likes handmade cards. I sent her this card I made, which isn’t “exactly” handmade, but I did design it myself, so it sort of is handmade… She also studied abroad in Germany, so I asked her where she lived and I told her a little about my life.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 12,805 km! Sophy wrote, “Thanks for the wonderful card!! I really like it. I find it interesting how you worked in the circus before. I went to school in Aschaffenburg in Deutschland.”

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Received Cards #131 & 132

ScanScan 1

Favorite cheese: Brie & Roquefort (also Feta, Parmesan & Gouda 🙂 )

I love this drawing! Asya from Kiev, Ukraine sent me this lovely card, and cute stamps! She is also a cheese fan. 🙂

Scan2222222Scan 2

Train! I adore trains, so it was great to see this card in my mailbox. Christina lives near Essen, Germany and said the area she lives in was very popular for mining, but now the mine dumps have been turned into green spaces. She opened her letter with, “Glück auf!” which is an old miner greeting. It roughly means “Good luck” in English. 🙂 There’s a more in depth description here. I also love the stamps and postmark – they go so beautifully with the card!

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Sent Card #136

136-NETHERLANDS-aug8.2013-pcard 136-NETHERLANDS-aug8.2013-envelope-stamps

Monique from Eijsden, Netherlands said her favorite postcards involve food, so I sent her this one I just picked up in Maryland. 🙂 I sent her the postcard in an envelope, and I included my 3 favorite recipes, one of which is for zucchini pie. I use THIS recipe, except I use egg whites, and a lot more garlic! 🙂 It’s fantastic. I also included a recipe for pumpkin soup, but I wasn’t sure how common pumpkin is in the Netherlands (so any squash will work too!). When I studied abroad in Europe, it was hard to find pumpkin.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,451 km! Monique wrote, “Zucchini is also my favorite. i’m very happy with this new recipe. In the Netherlands the pumpkin isn’t hard to find. I make often pumpkin soup. Corn is also my favorite. Thank you for the great postcard and the recipes. Best wishes,Monique” YAY! Pumpkin is native to North America, but I’m happy to see it’s found its’ way to other countries. It is delicious. 🙂 

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Sent Card #135


I had sent Maxim from Moscow, Russia a postcard on February 7, but after several months, it seemed clear he didn’t receive my card. So on July 15, I sent him another card (the one above). I also attempted to translate his address into Russian, and apparently that helped, because he received my card finally! Yay! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 187 days after traveling 7,990 km! Maxim wrote, “Hello Maria! I’m Maxim from Moscow, Russia. Today I received your card. Really it was the first your card I received. Thank you so much for your card. I really like it! Please send me your postal address and I’ll send you a swap card 🙂 Yesterday I returned to Moscow from Italy where I spent my summer vacation. It was a very interesting trip. (…) Best wishes from Moscow! Maxim” I’m so happy I resent a card! 🙂


This is the original card and stamps I sent. I wonder where the card is now?

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Received Cards #129 & 130


Favorite cheese: Gouda or Camembert (or any other 🙂 )

Šárka from Dobříš, Czech Republic sent me this great circus card!! Love it. I also love the stamps, especially the middle one of the Czech cartoon character Mole (Krtek). I’m not sure who the cartoon characters are on the right. Hm. They’re cute though!

130-RUSSIA-aug7.2013 130-RUSSIA-aug7.2013-STAMP   130-RUSSIA-aug7.2013-matrioshka 129-CZECH-aug7.2013-priority

Anastasia from Perm, Russia sent me this neat card with outdoor art from her hometown. She also added a sticker of a matrioshka doll on the back!

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Sent Card #134


Lisa from San Francisco, California, USA was a new Postcrosser. She wrote on her profile that she’d like to get postcards of an interesting place where I live, so I sent her this one from the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond. She asked which is my favorite city I’ve visited and I told her NYC. 🙂 I also told her about my adventures working for a traveling circus.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 3,929 km! Lisa wrote, “Thanks so much for the card! I really like NYC too 🙂 It sounds like you’ve had an eventful life–a travelling circus?? I hope I’ll get to do all those kinds of adventures and more~ Thanks again for the postcard!!”

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