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Stamps, stamps, stamps!

I just returned from a cruise! My fiancé is working on the ship, so I went to visit him. It was extraordinary! I left from New York City, and went to Grand Turk, Aruba, Jamaica, Curaçao, Grand Cayman and we landed in Tampa, Florida. My blog is about Postcrossing, but I was drawn to it because I love collecting stamps. 🙂 So naturally on my cruise, I wanted to visit every post office and get some stamps! I made it to every one except Jamaica (I had booked an excursion that took up the entire day).

So here are my new stamps and the post offices I visited! 🙂 The first ones are from Grand Turk:

1grandturk 1grandturk-stamps 1grandturk-stamps31grandturk-stamps2

Aruba! They had a neat collection of stamps and philatelic materials inside their post office:

2aruba 2aruba2 2aruba3 2aruba4 2aruba5 2aruba6 2aruba7 2aruba8 2aruba-stamps

Curaçao! I was really excited to go here because they have a stamp museum near the port. Unfortunately we spent way too much time looking for it, and when we found it, it was closed. 😦 But! I made it to the post office. We also went to the Maritime Museum, where to my delight, I realized the gift shop was selling stamps (including a variety of older ones!) that they sell to go with their postcards.

3curacao3 3curacao2 3curacao3curacao-stamps23curacao-stamps

The last stop was Grand Cayman which has an AMAZING stamp shop right by the port. It’s called the Penny Black. I was so excited to go, and the gentleman working there was very kind and knowledgable! 🙂 I also bought a postcard from “Hell”: there is a city in Grand Cayman called “Hell”. So a very touristy thing to do is send a card from there, and then the postmark says it’s from Hell. 🙂 I really wanted to go there, but it was about 30 minutes away. Next time!

5cayman-pcards-hell 5cayman-stamps 5cayman-stamps3


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Swap #28

28-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-sep12 28-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-sep12-stamps

Sitia from Bekasi, Indonesia contacted me about swapping. That sounded fun, especially since I’ve never gotten a card from Indonesia! 🙂 She sent me this lovely card (and stamps!) a few weeks ago. It’s about a boy who goes to work on a ship – which ironically, I got right after my fiancé left to work on a cruise ship! 🙂

Below is a another card Sitia sent to me today: Komodo Island (where the dragons live!) and more beautiful stamps!

28a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct2928a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct29-stamps  28a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct29-sticker

I had sent these cards and stamps to Sitia. 🙂

126-GERMANY-USA-june28.2013-card Airmail sticker card 26-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-aug27-stamps84-POLAND-march4-card-stamp

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Catching up with Merve!

I just got this beautiful card from Merve today. She is my Turkish penpal. 🙂 It’s a UNICEF card of a textile from Pakistan and I think it’s beautiful! The stamps from Turkey are so cool. I love stamps with food on them! They’re such an unusual sight here in the USA. The airmail sticker is also neat and the Band-Aid reminds me of an iPod ad! 🙂

MERVE-2013.10oct.29-card MERVE-2013.10oct.29-airmailMERVE-2013.10oct.29-stampsMERVE-2013.10oct.29-bandaid

I sent Merve this stuff back in May (homemade card, bookmarks, calendar, Band-Aids, postcard):

MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-cardMERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bookmarkMERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bookmark2  MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-calendar MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bandaids MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-pcard MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-pcard2 MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-stamps

Merve sent me this birthday card in June:

MERVE-2013.6june.xx-pcard MERVE-2013.6june.xx-stamps

And I had sent her this Snoopy card in August! 🙂 (Merve’s 1st letter to me said she loved Halloumi cheese… which I tried and ABSOLUTELY LOVED. I had a cookout and tried frying it on a grill. It was amazing. 🙂 So that’s my picture with Halloumi, sausage and veggies! 🙂 I found it at Trader Joe’s in the US. I really recommend it. Amazing cheese that doesn’t melt on a grill. It’s also great cold!)

MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-card   MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras2 MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras3 MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-stamps

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Swap #27

Favorite cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano

Monia from Liverpool, NY is an Italian expat, who wrote me asking to swap. She liked a few of the cards that I had sent on Postcrossing.

She wrote her letter on a biscotti box which I think is just ingenious! I will have to write a card on a box like that sometime. I love all these cards for various reasons but the one that sticks out the most is the foot of Costantino in Rome. She said all the tourists take pictures with it holding their noses. 🙂 I will have to do that someday!!! Cheesy, I know. But it sounds like fun. 🙂

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-letter-oct7 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard5-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard10-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard3-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard2-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard4-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard6-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard7-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard8-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard9-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard11-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard12-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard13-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard14-oct7.2013

These are the cards that I sent to Monia:

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard2EXPIRED-59-BELARUS-dec12.201227-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard3 Queen Machin stamp postcardAirmail sticker card27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-stamps

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