Swap #27

Favorite cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano

Monia from Liverpool, NY is an Italian expat, who wrote me asking to swap. She liked a few of the cards that I had sent on Postcrossing.

She wrote her letter on a biscotti box which I think is just ingenious! I will have to write a card on a box like that sometime. I love all these cards for various reasons but the one that sticks out the most is the foot of Costantino in Rome. She said all the tourists take pictures with it holding their noses. 🙂 I will have to do that someday!!! Cheesy, I know. But it sounds like fun. 🙂

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-letter-oct7 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard5-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard10-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard3-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard2-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard4-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard6-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard7-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard8-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard9-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard11-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard12-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard13-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard14-oct7.2013

These are the cards that I sent to Monia:

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard2EXPIRED-59-BELARUS-dec12.201227-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard3 Queen Machin stamp postcardAirmail sticker card27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-stamps

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