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Received Card #144

Scan 7 Scan

My last postcard from 2013! I received this great card today from Sven in Germany! He has a dog named Laika – I’ve always wanted a dog named Laika! Just like the first dog in space. 🙂 He is also a volunteer firefighter which I think is really awesome!

Hope you have a great and wonderful 2014! 🙂

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Received Card #143

143-USA-PA-dec30.2013 143-USA-PA-dec30.2013-stamps

I got this card in the mail today from Nancy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA! She recently went to the University of PA Museum, and picked up this card there. I just realized it’s been exactly 3 months since I received an official Postcrossing card in the mail! I’ve been busy with swap cards, and Postcrossing gets awfully expensive. (And the price of stamps is going up to $1.15 in January. Boo.) So anyway, it was great getting this card today! 🙂

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Sent Card #147


Favorite cheese: juustoleipä

I sent this card to Tiina in Turenki, Finland who likes black and white cards. After reading my profile, she was kind enough to write me back and tell me her favorite cheese – juustoleipä. It is one of my favorites too – someone on Postcrossing had told me about it, and now I love it! It’s a “squeaky” Finnish bread cheese, that’s perfect for grilling because it doesn’t melt.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 14 days after traveling 7,038 km! Tiina wrote, “I got your postcard, thanks a lot! […] 🙂 Happy New Year to Virginia!!”

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Swap #30: Lo-Wing

Scan 1 Scan 2

Scan 7Scan 10Scan 12

 ScanScan22222222Scan 11 Scan 4abcdefg

hijkmacuaaaamacauScan 8Scan 9

Lo-Wing from Hong Kong asked me to swap over the summer, and I forgot to post about it. It was truly an amazing swap! We exchanged several stamps, and I’m forever grateful for the ones she sent me! She also made two postcards for me from stamps and laminated them – such a neat idea! Thank you such much Lo-Wing! 🙂

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Swap #29

29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIA-dayaana-dec16-2 29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIA-dayaana-dec16 29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIA-dayaana-dec16-4 29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIA-dayaana-dec16-5 29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIA-dayaana-dec16-3

Dayaana from Yakutsk, Russia asked me to swap and I was happy to oblige! She had some really cool swap cards, so we swapped 2. The envelope didn’t have a stamp on it, so I’m really curious about that (and it doesn’t look like one fell off). I really like her “kindly deliver” and “air mail” drawings. And the stamp-like stickers she attached were so cute!

29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIAN-dayaana-nov4-5 Airmail sticker card29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIAN-dayaana-nov4-4

Above are the cards I sent to Dayaana!

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Sent Card #146


I sent this mapcard to Catherine in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland! She is a geodesist – I had to look that up, because I had no clue what that was. It’s basically the study of the size, shape and gravitational field of earth. They might do things like make maps, determine the depth of an ocean or height of a mountain, or shifts in the earth’s crust. That’s really fascinating!!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 6,962 km! Catherine wrote, “Hello! Thanks for your beautiful card:) I love it 🙂 happy New Year 2014!!!!”

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Sent Card #145

Coffee card145-ENGLAND-dec17.2013-stamps

I drew Phill’s address from St. Albans, England. He is a photographer, and said that he really likes original postcards from artists and other photographers. I just had some of my new postcards printed, so I sent him the one above! 🙂 I sell them in my little shop on Etsy. I used to love coffee, but now it makes me feel queasy and gives me migraines. 😦 I do like tea though – perhaps I should make a tea themed card next?

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 6,018 km! Phill wrote, “Hi Maria, I got your postcard this morning, after spending half a day at work for Christmas eve it made me happy. Thank you for looking at my photos, I’m glad you like them. I hope one day to take up photography full-time. I am also liking the postcard you made yourself too, I just spotted the Underground themed mug, although being of a certain generation, I like the pixelated mug the best. I too cannot drink coffee, I react badly to the caffeine! Have a good Christmas! Regards Phill.” 🙂 I’m not sure which square is my favorite. Maybe the breakfast one? Or the British one. 

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Sent Cards #143 & 144

124-OHIO-USA-june28.2013-card2 17-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-feb4.2013-front 136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card9 136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card3136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card6 136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card165-GERMANY1-dec20-TEXT.2012136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card5136-CZECH-dec10.2013-stamps

These cards went to Eliska in Roztoky, Czech Republic. Ironically, she had sent an email asking about a swap, which I completely forgot to reply to. I happened to be clearing out my email, and remembered it and I felt really bad. A few minutes later, I decided to send some Postcrossing cards and I received her address! Weird, right? So I sent her a bunch of postcards, including the one she had wanted to swap.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 14 days after traveling 7,040 km! Eliska wrote, “thank you so much for your wonderful envelope. 😀 You really made my day, it’s like a small Christmas before official Christmas. 🙂 And you don’t have any reason to feel bad. Now, you’ve made me so happy that I don’t know what to say. I love all postcards what you sent me.  […] Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for you and Patrick. Take care, Eliska” That made me feel much better! 🙂 I always try to reply to swap requests, but sometimes things come up, and I just forget! Glad she was understanding!

138-BELARUS-dec10.2013-card138-BELARUS-dec10.2013-teabag 138-BELARUS-dec10.2013-stamps

This card went to Alesya in Gomel, Belarus! She wrote on her profile that she likes postcards of books, Harry Potter and would very much like a tea bag. So that’s what I sent! I love the new Harry Potter stamps from the USPS. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 12 days after traveling 7,885 km! Alesya wrote, “Many thanks for your postcard and especially stamps (I so love Draco Malfoy and dream to meet Tom Felton one day), it’s amazing:) Thank u also for teabag, I’ll try it tonight. My favorite character is Snape also. […] Have a nice day and Merry Christmas!”

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Sent Card #142


This card went to little Constantine in Balashikha, Russia. I think he’s 1 years old from the looks of his picture. 🙂 His mom is collecting cards for him to read when he is older. Of course on “his” wishlist, were postcards of toys, which I randomly happened to have. I lived for many years in Rockford, Illinois which is the official “Home of the Sock Monkey!” They scared me as a kid – I thought they were creepy – but now I’m quite fond of them!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 24 days after traveling 8,001 km! Constantine’s mom wrote, “thank you very much for your wonderful card!!!! With best wishes! Constantine (and his mom)”

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