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Swap #40


Yay! I got all these wonderful postcards that I collect in the mail today (US mapcards, US state flags & old fashioned “letter scenes”). I found the Prescott family from Columbia, South Carolina, USA on a Facebook swap page. They were looking for USA mapcards, so I wrote to them. They sent me these lovely cards! 🙂

I sent the Prescotts the cards below that they wanted. They homeschool their kids, so I wrote some “fun facts” on the US mapcards about Virginia and Wisconsin!

38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb20.2014-mapcard2 39-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-TX-feb13.2014-4 165-FINLAND-jan24 29-DIRECT-SWAP-RUSSIAN-dayaana-nov4-5 40-DIRECT-SWAP-KATINA-PRESCOTT-USA-SC-USA-feb27.2014-stamps

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Another great card from the Randalls!

37-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-MA-feb28.2014 scan257

The Randall Family from Boston, Massachusetts, USA sent me a few cards two weeks ago, and today I received another! This one is from Pleven, Bulgaria! Pleven is the 7th largest city in Bulgaria with just over 100,000 people. Thank you Randall Family! 🙂

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Stamps from Daniel!

scan249-1scan250scan249-2 assdasdfasd

I swapped with Daniel from Pécs, Hungary two weeks ago. He collects USA mapcards & stadium cards, and I collect stamps (more than postcards). He sent me these lovely Hungarian stamps today! He also sent me some new airmail stickers, because I collect them too. 🙂 YAY!

I sent Daniel the cards below. I sent 4 of them, then found another card he was looking for the very next day (of course!) so I sent him that one as well.


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Received Card #174


Sasha from Moscow, Russia sent me this beautiful postcard today! I love it. I find Russian art and design fascinating. Sasha works at a Russian decorative art museum and this is a dinner plate from where she works, that says, “Who doesn’t work, will not eat.” It’s an old Russian proverb. Sasha also added these super amazing stamps!!! The top is a Sochi Olympic stamp, and the bottom is from an old Soviet cartoon called, “The Kid and Carlson”.

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Thank You Cards from Eliška!

scan193 scan198 scan195 scan196 scan197  scan199 scan200 scan194scan201

I received all these wonderful things from Eliska in Roztoky, Czech Republic today! I LOVE the stamps and postcards – and the tea made everything smell really nice. 🙂 The 1st postcard (the one of the red, yellow and purple sunset) Eliska actually painted. I was really amazed to read that. She’s really talented!

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Sent Card #178

Milwaukee Art Museum178-USA-TX-feb9.2014-stamps

I sent this card to Kristal in College Station, Texas, USA. She said she likes architecture. So I sent her this card from my hometown, of the Milwaukee Art Museum. It’s hard to tell from the card, but the museum is right by Lake Michigan. The building has “wings” that open when the museum opens, and close when the museum closes. I went to the museum’s opening some years ago, and it was spectacular to see the wings open for the first time!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 16 days after traveling 1,895 km! Kristal wrote, “Thanks for the postcard! I would love to see the wings move! […] I hope you’re doing well 🙂 “

I wrote Kristal back and gave her a video link to see the wings move. Click here.

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Received Cards #172 & 173

172-USA-IL-feb24.2014 172-USA-IL-feb24.2014-stamp

Favorite cheeses: Stilton & Manchego

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this postcard! Matt from Chicago, Illinois, USA sent it to me. Fantastic. 🙂


Xenia from near Zlatoust, Russia sent me this great card! I love the stamps! 🙂 She asked if it was true that some parts of America were having temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) with the windchill… I emailed her back and said yes… Thankfully I haven’t been around such low temperatures this year, but I know many people who have.

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Postcard from Valerie in Vegas! :)

2014.2feb.24-valerie 2014.2feb.24-valerie-stamp

My good friend Valerie was in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA last week for business, and she sent me this super cool card! 🙂 It’s from the D Casino & Hotel. I really like postcards from hotels! I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’d love to go someday!

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Sent Card #177

Airmail sticker card 177-GERMANY-feb18.2014-stamps

I sent this card I designed to Eva in Mainz, Germany. Eva is new to Postcrossing, and she said she’d prefer to receive a postcard that wasn’t a “typical tourist” card. I figured this would get to her quickly – and it did. So this is the first card Eva received via Postcrossing! 😀 I also wrote the card in German, so I’m hoping this was a special card for her. [Well, I hope all my cards are special to everyone – I try to take care and fill any special requests (usually possible), make sure my handwriting is neat (sometimes possible) and write in German to Germans (always.) ]

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 6,637 km! Eva wrote [translated from German], “Many thanks for the beautiful, self-made postcard. It made me really happy. The next time you visit Germany, you’re welcome to come visit Mainz 🙂 Kind regards, Eva”

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Sent Card #176


Geert from Kolham, Netherlands likes postcards with birds on them, so I sent him this one of the Virginia State Bird: the Cardinal. I see them almost every day! 🙂 They’re so pretty.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,408 km! Geert wrote, “Thank you for your beautiful birdcard. In Holland we don’t see this one, we see more often sparrows and blue tits. Happy Postcrossing!! Geert”

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