Received Cards #162 & 163

162-BELARUS-feb7.2014 162-BELARUS-feb7.2014-stamp

Favorite cheese: No favorite

Zhanna from Belarus sent me this cool wolf card. At first I thought the wolf was crying, but it’s just marks from the machine at the post office. 😉 Zhanna is studying to be a Systems Engineer! I love the stamp and postmark. The postmark is so clear!

163-GERMANY-feb7.2014-card  163-GERMANY-feb7.2014-card3 163-GERMANY-feb7.2014-card2163-GERMANY-feb7.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Camembert, Limburger, Howzer & Schmittkäse

Marco from Chemnitz, Germany sent me these cards! I’m always amazed when someone sends me a postcard with cheese on it, because I put it on my wishlist thinking there was probably one or two cheese cards in the world. The 2nd card is from Moscow, Russia of the Ukraina Hotel and it’s from 1973! That’s so cool. I also like the 3rd card and the stamps! 🙂 Marco told me his favorite cheese, and that his son likes “Frischkäse”, which, if my German is correct, is a general term for cheeses such as cottage, cream and curds. Which I also love. 🙂

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