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Swap #45

scan361 scan365

scan363 scan364



scan368 scan369

scan370 scan371

My first cards from Saudi Arabia!!! 🙂 Ironically, they are mostly mapcards from the US. Hahha 🙂 Ivy from Dammam, Saudi Arabia had posted on a Facebook postcard swap page that she wanted to find USA mapcards and stadium cards she was missing. She happened to have several USA mapcards that I’m missing and really wanted. She sent me a few extra things like the Hello Kitty stickers, a card from the Philippines and a “yummy yogurt” business card. 🙂

I sent her the cards below that she wanted:

39-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-TX-feb13.2014-2 39-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-TX-feb13.2014 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb18.2014-mapcard sports8 sports4

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Swap #44

44-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-2014.jan.29-card 44-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-2014.jan.29-stamps

Stella from Jakarta, Indonesia contacted me about swapping, and I received this lovely postcard of Indonesian food that I really like! She said the food was white rice, chicken skewer (satay), oxtail soup, gado-gado (salad with peanut dressing & rice crackers), pickled veggies and 3 types of sambal (chili paste). It all looks amazing!!! 🙂 I also love the stamps she put on – plus the silvery tape (with the stars) that she added – it went right down the middle of the postcard which I thought was pretty cool – and unique! Stella wanted a Wisconsin mapcard that I had. 🙂


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Received Card #184

scan357 scan358

Favorite cheese: Cheddar

Shinta is a teacher from Surabaya, Indonesia and sent me this card of Borobudur Temple which is the largest Buddhist monument in the world (and 1,200+ years old). It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It’s been raining here a lot lately, so unfortunately her postcard arrived somewhat water damaged, but it still looks beautiful! 🙂 Love the stamps!

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Sent Card #185

185-TAIWAN-feb6.2014 185-TAIWAN-feb6.2014-stamps

I sent this card (one of my favorites!) to Lin in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Peter Rabbit was one of my favorite books as a kid!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 51 days after traveling 12,804 km! Lin said, “HELLO THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUTE CARD. I LIKE IT SO MUCH. HAVE A NICE DAY. LIN”

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Cards from Sitia!

scan062scan061 scan060

Sitia from Indonesia sent me these great cards, and really cool handmade envelope! 🙂 The stamps are great too!

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Received Card #183

183-TAIWAN-march25.2014 183-TAIWAN-march25.2014-stamps

Xin from Taiwan sent me this great train card! 🙂 I’d love to go to Taiwan and visit the whole country by rail! 🙂

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Thank You Card & Stamps from Nadezhda! :)


Favorite cheese: Parmesan

I had sent Nadezhda from Russia an official Postcrossing card with some stamps in an envelope in January, and recently she sent me this thank you letter! 🙂 I love all the stamps, especially the giant one of Gogol on the envelope! The train card is great too. 🙂

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Received Card #182

182-SOUTH.AFRICA-march20.2014 182-SOUTH.AFRICA-march20.2014-stamps

Gillian from Vermont, South Africa sent me this beautiful card today! 🙂 I love flags, and also stamps, so this was a great find in my mailbox today! 😀 The Nelson Mandela stamp is most amazing to me. I have around 50 South African stamps because SA stamps are hard to find here, so these new stamps are amazing to me! 🙂

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Cards from Madeleine!

scan323 scan324  scan326  scan328scan325scan327scan327777

Madeleine and I started writing to each other recently, and she is now in New Zealand studying abroad! YAY! She is in Parnell, Auckland and I’m hoping she’s having the time of her life! 🙂 Studying abroad is awesome. She sent me these amazing postcards (mostly) from New Zealand. The first card is from a state park near Sarasota, FL and the fourth card is from Philly – and the rest are from NZ.

I LOVE the “envelope” she used. She took a postcard bag (a small brown paper bag) and taped my address and the back so it’d stay shut. I love how she upcycled it! 🙂

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Received Cards #180 & 181

180-GERMANY-march15.2014 180-GERMANY-march15.2014-stamp180-GERMANY-march15.2014-airmail

Regine from Frankfurt, Germany sent me this beautiful card by Hundertwasser! I wish my scan could show how all the dark green circles on the trees are shiny. It’s such a neat card. The back is black, so Regine wrote with a silver pen (love!). She told me that the 55 cent stamp is actually a photo she took in NYC, and she only had 3 made – and she shared one with me! 🙂 That’s so special and cool. I love it.


Kateryna from Simferopol, Ukraine sent me this awesome circus card!!! 🙂 I love anything circus related. She also sent this fabulous rooster stamp in the envelope. I have very few Ukrainian stamps, so I’m really happy to add this one to my collection! I’m pretty sure it’s mint (unused) and if so, it’s the only mint one I have in my collection now.

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