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Wonderful Egyptian card from the Randalls!

scan448 scan450

The amazing Randall Family sent me this great card from Egypt via Boston, MA! Plus, it has an Egyptian stamp on it! That’s so neat. I didn’t realize the USPS would process a postcard (or letter) with a foreign stamp. That’s super cool! This card is from Luxor – the ancient city of Thebes, and ancient capital of Egypt… So cool. 🙂

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Received Card #190

This is by far the strangest Postcrossing card I’ve ever received – and it has nothing to do with the card or the letter. There were 2 separate postcards in my mailbox today.

This is the 1st one:

190-GERMANY-5may.31.2014 190-GERMANY-5may.31.2014-back

The back says (in my rough German), “I am here in New York to be near my children, that I had with an English woman and they moved to New York to be with an American. I have a child with two lesbians and I’m married to a Chinese woman who is to become an American. And life is not complicated? Well, it is normally complicated.”  

And the 2nd was a blank postcard with a message on the back with this stamp:


I was so struck by the 1st postcard, that I didn’t read the message on the 2nd card right away. Then I read the 2nd postcard, and realized they were from the same person. I’m guessing the postcards were taped together – however there’s no tape or tapemarks on the cards. The 2nd (blank) postcard has a machine stamp on both sides, so clearly the cards were separated. So how on earth did both cards end up in my mailbox? Especially since the 1st postcard has no address or postage?

I’ve had a lot of issues with the USPS, so I have to say I’m pretty impressed by this. I’m so glad I received both cards! 🙂

This card came from “LadyShalott” in Hamburg, Germany and her favorite cheese is Feta! 🙂

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Swap #50

SD-1 SD-2SD-6 SD-3 SD-4 SD-5

SD-7 SD-8 SD-9

Lynn from Sioux Falls, South Dakota contacted me about swapping, after she’d recently bought some postcards on my little Etsy shop. She said she had a South Dakota mapcard, and I was soooo excited to get it because I’m trying to collect a mapcard from every US state. To my complete delight she sent a HUGE package full of postcards (including some amazing vintage Chicago cards) and brochures on South Dakota. I went to South Dakota when I was a kid, so seeing the brochures brought back a lot of memories and make me really want to go back!

I love that the vintage cards say “one cent”. 🙂 I wish stamps were still that cheap!

I sent Lynn the card below:


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Faroe Islands card from the Randall Family!


Thanks so much to the Randall Family for sending me this amazing card from Faroe Islands via Boston, MA! WOW! It looks so beautiful.

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Swap with Brenda!

47-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may27.2014 47-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may27.2014-stamp

I swapped with Brenda again, and received this really beautiful mapcard of Ontario! (And the lovely stamp!)

I sent Brenda my favorite Virginia card below:

Virginia square card49-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may19.2014-stamps

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Received Card #189


Favorite cheese: Aura (Finnish blue cheese) 

Anne is from Tornio, Finland which is just a kilometer from Sweden! That would be so neat to live right next to another country. I love the postcard and stamp! The stamp has Braille on it which is the first time I’ve seen that. I tried translating “Yön Lähteet” online and it came up with “Night Sources” – no idea if that’s correct, but it seems fitting!

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1st Expired Card


I had my first postcard “expire” recently on Postcrossing, which was a bit soul crushing. 😦 (Postcards “expire” if the person receiving it, hasn’t registered the card after 60 days. However, they can still register the card for one year, from the date you request it.)

This one truly expired because I sent it a year ago. Therefore, there’s no way to register it, and I’m out the cost of the card, postage and time it took me to write the card.

I’ve had a few cards expire (after 60 days) and normally, I’ve sent another card or contacted the person I sent it to. However, the person to whom I sent the card hadn’t logged in for a long time (several months), plus i emailed her and kindly asked her to register the card, but she didn’t. It’s really frustrating and I wish Postcrossing would change it’s policy, and void unregistered cards when the user hasn’t logged in for months, so that I may receive another card from someone… I should write to them. 🙂

To note, if someone deletes their account, it counts as a registered card (I had that happen once).

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Received Card #188


Favorite cheese: Tetilla

This put a smile on my face today! 🙂 Lucia is from the Galicia area of Spain, and she drew a picture of her favorite cheese! I love it! I looked up Tetilla, and it really does look just like her drawing. She said it tastes “heavenly & soft”. I’ll have to try to find it! 🙂

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Sent Card #188


I sent this card to Maria and Sergey in Moscow, Russia. This is one of my favorite postcards! 🙂 

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 39 days after traveling 7,998 km! Maria & Sergey said, “Hope you’re well these days =) Thanks for a wonderful card. Have a nice day. Happy postcrossing”

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Received Card #187.5


187.5-ENGLAND-5may.20.2014-stamp 187.5-ENGLAND-5may.20.2014-stamp2

This post is called “187.5”, because I’m not sure how else to describe this card. This is a first for me on Postcrossing! I received this card yesterday, and although the ID number is clear on the card, Postcrossing wouldn’t let me register it. So I figured the person had written down the wrong ID number, and I contacted Postcrossing. I’ve had to do this a few times, and they usually reply very quickly with the correct ID.

They wrote me back and said, “Sorry that ID no longer exists on Postcrossing because it is over 365 days old. It cannot be registered.” The card is from England. I’m so curious what happened! Did it get dropped in a post office – in England or the US? Or did the person sending it forget to send it, and discovered it a year later?

Very strange! I wish I could thank the person who sent it to me. Maybe they will see this post someday. 🙂

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