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Received Card #192


How cool! This is my 1st “official” Postcrossing card from India (although, I swapped with someone in India in November 2012.)

Shree from Karnataka, India sent me this great card and stamps today. 🙂

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Postcards from Florida!

scan480-2 scan480   scan480-3scan481 

My fiancé’s parents recently sent me some postcards (yay!) that they got for me on a trip to Florida. These are a few of my favorites. I love the vintage style of them! They also sent me this really cool USA stamp map card from Trader Joe’s. 🙂

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Beautiful US Virgin Islands card from the Randall Family!

scan477 scan478 scan479

The wonderful Randall Family sent me a card from the US Virgin Islands via Massachusetts. This card is from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas which is the capital and largest city of the US Virgin Islands! Soooooo pretty! I wish I was there right now. 🙂 I love the rainbow sticker the Randalls’ added. 🙂 Looks like paradise!

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Received Card #191


Elena from Novaya Usman (near Voronezh), Russia sent me this GREAT, train card! I took a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow once, but I’d love to take a train all the way across Russia someday! I think that would be amazing! I’ve seen these stamps before, but I still think they’re cute. 🙂 I love the clear postmark – a rarity these days when they’re either blurry or machine automated (and blurry).

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Bermuda & Luxembourg cards from the Randall Family!



Favorite cheese: Brie

The Randall Family has sent me many wonderful postcards from around the world, via Massachusetts, and yesterday and today I received these great cards from Bermuda and Luxembourg! I love the vintage look of the Bermuda Maritime Museum card! The Luxembourg card looks like a woodcut (?) of the Rue du St. Esprit. The scalloped edges are neat – I wish more postcards had them!

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Swap #52

wash mass maine2 mainescan475 scan476

Laura from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts had posted on an (unofficial) Facebook Postcrossing page (that I belong to) about swapping, and I wanted to swap with her since she had a lot of cards I really wanted! I was super happy that she agreed to swap 4 cards, since I wanted all 4 above! 🙂 She also included this cute kitty card!! 🙂

I’m collecting USA mapcards, so I was so happy to get these 3, plus I really wanted the mosquito postcard because I have the exact same one, except it says “Wisconsin State Bird”. Hahha I wonder how many other versions there are? (By the way, the State Bird of Wisconsin is actually the Robin, and the State Bird of Maine is the Black-capped Chickadee. 🙂 )

I sent Laura the cards below:

animals2 virginia7 virginia8 virginia11 virginia12 scan430-stamps

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Swap #51


Gustav from Zürich, Switzerland is trying to collect postcards from US state capitols, so he wrote to me asking for a postcard of Richmond, VA. I really like the card he sent me because I really like flags, plus the stamps are super cool! 🙂

I sent Gustav the card below (one of my favorites of Richmond!):


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Swaps #48 & 49 & another with Liu Jie!

A few people contacted me about swapping postcards over the past 6 months, and I was more than happy to. I sent their cards off, and I emailed them when I received their card. However I haven’t heard back from, so I still don’t know if they’re gotten my cards, but I’m going to assume they did by now since it’s been so long. I’m guessing they got busy with life, or maybe there was a problem with email. So if they read this, and didn’t get their cards, I’d be happy to resend them! 🙂 

Lily lives in Washington, DC, USA, and she noticed that I’d favorited this “zebra” card of hers. She emailed me on Christmas Day 2013, and said she’d like to send it to me, since it was “Christmas and all :)” I thought that was really sweet! 🙂 She picked up the postcard in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and it’s an ad for a bookstore. I sent Lily the Chicago World’s Fair card that she liked in return.

36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-dec31.2013 36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-dec31.2013-stamp

36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-jan7.2014 36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-jan7.2014-stamps

Alisson from São Paulo, Brazil contacted me in February, 2014. He really liked my Harley-Davidson postcard that I’ve sent before and that he saw in the Postcrossing gallery. He sent me this lovely card of São Paulo, and really interesting stamp!!! I’m guessing it’s the automated type you get at a machine from the post office? I’m not really sure, but it’s unique, and I like that. 🙂

  49-scan290 49-scan29149-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb10.201449-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-back-feb10.2014-stamps

I had swapped with Liu Jie once before. I was really excited she asked me to swap again, since Asian shape cards are really expensive and difficult to get – because they are simply beautiful! 🙂 From what I’ve learned via Postcrossing, shape cards in Asia are 2 or 3 times the cost of a normal postcard, and the postage is about 3 times as much. I so sent Liu Jie 8 cards for her 2.

ice scan339

scan346 scan349

Words card32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-2 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-3  32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-5 Keep Calm and Send More Postcrossing Cards32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-432-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-7 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-8 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-stamps

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