Sent Card #190 & 191

192-NETHERLANDS-oct12.2014192-NETHERLANDS-oct12.2014-envelope-stamps 192-NETHERLANDS-oct12.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Brie

I sent this card to Maaike in Kollum, Netherlands. Her profile said she likes birds, so I thought she’d like this card of Virginia’s State Bird, the Cardinal! 🙂 She also wrote on her profile that she was collecting stamps to make a collage to put in a frame, so I sent her a few. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 9 days after traveling 3,956 km! Maaike wrote, “Wow, you really made my day! The stamps are amazing! Just yesterday I was working on framing my stamps and I was disappointed that I was short of just a few. But now I can finish my little project 🙂 The cardinals are such beautiful birds. I have never seen one irl. […] Thanks again for the lovely mail. All the best, Maaike”


Silke from Velen, Germany, wrote on her profile that she likes postcards of animals, so I sent her this one I picked up from Chincoteague Island, Virginia. There are many wild horses that live there – I saw them this past summer and it was amazing to see them roaming around!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 4,022 km! Silke wrote, “Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. Your postcard is adorable. I also like the stamp and the sticker you used. I appreciate that very much. I send you my best wishes. Have a nice day! Silke ;-)))

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