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Received Card #199

Heather from Wellington, New Zealand sent me this great card from a pub quiz night! 🙂 I wish more pubs / bars had quiz nights here in the US! They are so much fun! 🙂 I love the bird sticker!

199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015 199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015-sticker 199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015-stamps

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Swap #59

t4t1img20150424_22222317t2   t5t3 t6

Anna from Hualien City, Taiwan wrote to me asking to swap. I was happy to say yes! 🙂 She likes the “Simpsons” and snails and collects stamps, so I sent the following to her! 🙂


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Swap #58

de-2de-1 de-3 de-4

Hans Jjørgen from Horsens, Denmark sent me these 2 wonderful cards! My 1st card from Denmark! YAY! And my 1st card from Greenland. Hans Jjørgen lives 30km (18.6 miles) from Juelsminde, and he said it’s a city of about 4,000 people and it’s known for its beach. I love the “skole” (school) stamp most of all! 🙂 I sent Hans Jjørgen the cards below:

animals6 mapcard-virginia3 stamps img20150408_01302664-2

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Received Card #198

198-RUSSIA-4april.21.2015 198-RUSSIA-4april.21.2015-stamps

Favorite cheese: Mozzarella

Interdictio” from Moscow, Russia said she likes maps (like me 🙂 ) so she sent this card. She said the green stamp is of Ромашка (romashka) which I think means chamomile in English. 🙂

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Swap #57


Hsu Ju from Changhua City, Taiwan wrote to me asking to swap. I was more than happy to! 🙂 She sent me this amazing mapcard, and amazing stamps! I think my favorite is the horse, which she had mentioned is my Chinese zodiac. 🙂

I sent Hsu Ju the following:

virginia16 wiscomovie-tiximg20150405_23395531-stamps

Hsu Ju said she wanted the Richmond State Capitol Grounds card, but I noticed she had also favorited the Wisconsin card with the barn, so I thought I’d send it to her as a surprise. 🙂 She also mentioned on her Postcrossing profile that she collects tickets, and I sent her 2 that I had. One from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (amazing movie!!!) and the other from the “Les Misérables” movie. 🙂

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Received Card #197


Mayo from Sapporo, Japan sent me this cool card from the Victoria and Albert Museum. She said she really wants to visit the US – especially White Sands, New Mexico. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of White Sands! I had to look it up. It looks so beautiful: just like a desert but the sand is white. It looks like snow has fallen on a desert. I’d love to go there! 🙂

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Received Cards #195 & 196


Favorite cheese: Mozzarella

I love this cheese card! 🙂 It’s a photo of Camembert. Nara from Germany sent it to me, and said her favorite cheese right now is mozzarella with tomatoes, salt, pepper and olive oil! Yum!!!


The Henderson family from Calgary, Canada sent me this cute card, with adorable stickers! 🙂 They said their cousin is Jim Henderson who is a Milwaukee Brewer! That’s so amazing! I’m not a huge sports fan, but being from Wisconsin, I try to follow the Brewers and Packers, as best I can. 🙂

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Received Card #194

194-GERMANY-4april.14.2015 194-GERMANY-4april.14.2015-2

Angelika from München, Germany sent me  this amazing Guinness card, and even more amazing stamps! I love them all. 🙂 Can’t wait to add them to my collection! 😀

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Swap #56

usimg20150331_19021083 usss ussssss

Wonderful swap with Olga from Chigiri Amur, Russia! 🙂 I love the mapcard, and the brand new stamps! So special. 🙂 Thanks so much Olga!

ru1 ru2 ru3 ru4 ru7ru-stamps

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Sent Card #196

192-GERMANY-april6.2015 192-GERMANY-april6.2015-stamps

Franziska from Cottbus, Germany, said she likes postcards from where you live, so I sent this one from Richmond.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 4,310 miles! Franziska wrote, “Thank you very much for your beautiful and interesting postcard from Richmond! Here today the sun is shining and it is very warm. Regards and all the best! Franziska”

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