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Sent Card #210

210-GERMANY-oct13.2015-card2 210-GERMANY-oct13.2015-stamp

Hans from Witzenhausen, Germany had a very short message on his Postcrossing profile: that he wanted a better world without war or hunger that was free and independent. I wrote to him and said I also believed in this and that’s why I love Postcrossing: the ability to learn about, and from other cultures, and to make the world a smaller place, where it’s easier to connect with all types of people!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 12 days after traveling 4,149 miles! Hans wrote: “Hello Maria yes i like your card some day i will make an exposition in our smalltown of 15000 more than 100 nations are present and some day freepeople live in a free world Hans”

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Received Card #205

205-USA-LA-10oct.20.2015 205-USA-LA-10oct.20.2015-stamp

Ellen from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA sent me this cute Halloween card! She said New Orleans is having a parade on October 24th called “The Krewe of Boo”, where people on the floats toss beads and treats to people watching. Sounds like fun!!! 🙂 Of the places I’ve traveled, New Orleans is always in my Top 10. Great city! 🙂

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Sent Card #209


I sent this card to Cindy in New Taipei City, Taiwan, China. Cindy asked on her profile what people’s dreams were… I said I’d love to work from home, and to have a movie theater living room. 😉
HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 18 days after traveling 7,939 miles! Anna wrote: “Greetings from Taiwan! In fact, the idea of having a movie theater living room came from a Taiwanese movie called ‘Coffee, Waiting,Love’, which was a huge hit last year. One of the supporting characters does own a living room like that! Like you, I love all kind of movies except horror, and I’m now looking forward to Divergent 3 being released.(which still has a lot of time to go) Wish you all the best:)” I can’t wait to see Divergent 3 as well! 😉 The book was great!

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Sent Card #208

208-SWEDEN-oct13.2015-card1 208-SWEDEN-oct13.2015-stamp
I sent this card to Anna in Saxtorp, Sweden. Anna wrote on her profile that she likes “beautiful horses”, water and nature. So I sent this card that I found in Chincoteague, Virginia last year. I saw wild horses running beside the highway – it was amazing! I was only there for half a day, so I’d love to go back again for a while longer.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 4,140 miles! Anna wrote: “Hello Thanks for your nice card. Always fun to get postcards. Wis´hing you one pleasant autumn, Best Best regards Anna”

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Sent Card #207


I sent this card to Delacrix in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. The only thing on his profile page, was his name and this quote: “To know me is to fly with me..” The night before I had watched “Up in the Air” even though I had seen it before – I love that movie! And George Clooney. 😉 So I immediately recognized that quote! I wrote to him that I loved that movie, and I loved traveling. And that my favorite airport was Milwaukee International because that’s near where most of my family lives. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 16 days after traveling 9,628 miles! Delacrix wrote: “WOW, I’m quite surprised that you’re the first one to notice the quote. I’ve used that as my personal slogan for quite some time now, due to my outgoing personality. But, I’m quite disappointed with Jason Reitman’s latest film, Men, Women and Children. It seems fitting that you send me a postcard of an airport, I get the reference to Up In The Air. […] xD”

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Received Card #204


Favorite cheese: Mozzarella

Futabako from Takarazuka, Japan sent me this stunning postcard of Mount Fuji, and a Shinkansen bullet train. The trains can go up to 200 mph (320km/h)! I also wanted to include the back of the card, because I thought Futabako decorated it so beautifully! 🙂 Everything is so pretty, but I really do love the sushi stamp quite a bit, and how she added a sticker and stamp of Mount Fuji to match the postcard! 🙂 HOW CUTE! 🙂

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More Cards from Sierra! :)

Sierra sent me these awesome hotel postcards (I love hotel cards!) and this AMAZING Native American postcard (this is definitely one of the coolest cards in my collection now! 🙂 ). Love the stamps too. 😉

img20151111_22415758 copy 2 img20151111_22415758 copy img20151111_22422753 copy 5 img20151111_22422753 copy img20151111_22444200 copyimg20151111_22395845

I had sent Sierra these cards:

assateague giraffes lighthouses monkey type-written-cardstamp

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My fiancé’s parents just went to Bermuda, and I received this postcard from them today! 🙂 It took 7 days for the card to get from Bermuda to Richmond, Virginia. They unfortunately arrived around the same time as Hurricane Joaquin, but they were still able to see some sites! 🙂 This postcard is a photo of Hamilton Harbour.

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Swap #62

b1 b2

b3 b5

Letitia from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, USA sent me an email asking to swap and I was happy to say yes. 🙂 She sent me this lovely card of a lighthouse that she took, and another of a lighthouse mapcard.

I sent Letitia the cards below:

Keep Calm and Send More Postcrossing Cards card2 stamp1stamp2

Letitia wrote me after she received my cards, and said she realized she had some circus stamps!! 🙂 I love circuses and I love stamps, so circus stamps are really exciting to me. 🙂 She sent me TEN circus stamps. 🙂 I also love the Halloween washi tape she used on the envelope, and the stickers! Yay! Thanks so much Letitia! 🙂

card circus stamps stickers washi

I sent Letitia the cards below to say thanks. 🙂

Keep Calm and Send More Postcrossing Cards Queen Machin stamp postcard Coffee cardstamp

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Sent Card #206

206-RUSSIA-sept14.2015-letter 206-RUSSIA-sept14.2015-stamp

I sent this card to Irina in Moscow, Russia. She didn’t specify what cards she likes, but she “favorited” my card when she received it. So I’m happy to know she liked it. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 25 days after traveling 4,941 miles! Irina wrote: “Привет, Мария! Спасибо большое за открытку! Хорошего дня, Ирина” I think I’m translating it correctly as: “Hello Maria! Many thanks for the postcard! Have a wonderful day, Irina”

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