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Letter from Merve in Turkey!

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Merve from Ankara, Turkey always has the best cards and messages for me! 🙂 I adore this New York card, and the airmail themed Eskişehir, Turkey card. The heart shaped stamp is also super amazing. 🙂

I sent Merve these cards last November:

MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card1 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card2 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-envelope MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-plastes

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Merhaba from my Turkish penpal!

merve merve2 coffeeScan 2

Merve sent me these 2 beautiful cards today! I love the colors on both so much. She sent me a packet of instant Turkish coffee, and told me to take a picture so she could read the grounds. AND she added these wonderful Olympics stamps! Yay!

So today I sent her another card I made from a Band-Aid box. 🙂 I added each of the 3 Candyland Band-Aids, a picture of the coffee grounds and a postcard from the Virginia Aquarium since she likes fish.


MERVE-2013.1jan.22.2013-grounds MERVE-2013.1jan.22.2013-postcard

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I’ve recently become interested in Maxicards. Maxicards are postcards that have a similar card and stamp with a postmark (especially a pictorial mark) that relates to the topic. The card then has “maximum” concordance. I sent these two cards out today, and although they aren’t true Maxicards, I had fun putting them together.

2013.1jan.7-Skip-Postcard-front 2013.1jan.7-Skip-stamp


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