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Swap #43

43-DIRECT-SWAP-AUSTRALIA-march4.2014 43-DIRECT-SWAP-AUSTRALIA-march4.2014-stamp

I swapped with fellow Postcrossing blogger Jelena, and received this lovely card! She lives in Perth, Australia and she told me it’s one of the most isolated capitol cities in the world! She also said that it’s quicker and cheaper to go to Asia than Eastern Australia. I love learning fun facts like that… 🙂 At first glance, I thought the stamp had a hedgehog on it, but it’s really an echidna – which according to the internet, is local to Australia and New Guinea.

I sent Jelena the card and stamps below! This is my favorite postcard of Richmond, VA. I think the White House of the Confederacy is one of the most unique tourist spots here.

43-DIRECT-SWAP-AUSTRALIA-feb18.2014 43-DIRECT-SWAP-AUSTRALIA-feb18.2014-stamps

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Received Cards #170 & 171


Favorite cheese: Suluguni

I love the little piece of cheese Ann from Gomel, Belarus drew for me. 🙂 So cute! I also love the card, the tiny stamp (about 1 inch high) and the postmarks!


Favorite cheese: Edam

I recently added a section to my blog that shows countries where I’ve received postcards from, and I was really surprised that I’d never received one from Australia! I’ve received 2 cards from South Africa, Vietnam and India which are somewhat more unusual to receive. So I was super excited to get this cute card from Debbie in Geraldton, Australia! 🙂

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Sent Card #11 & 12

Jagor and Kasia are from Minsk, Belarus and like photography. I’m sending this card I found at the VMFA entitled Jackson, Mississippi by William Eggleston. I think that’s really cute they are doing Postcrossing together!

UPDATE June 16, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 16 days after traveling 7,602 km! “Thank you for your really amazing card! We very like it. Greets from Minsk!”

Australia! I wonder how long it takes a card to travel from the US to Australia? This is going to Joy in Newcastle who said she might not register her card right away because she’s celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary and going on a cruise! 1) I think it’s amazing she’s been married for 25 years 2) I think that’s really thoughtful she wrote she was away and might not register her card right away on her profile (I’ll have to remember to do that if I leave town) and 3) I want to go to Australia!!! I now have visions of sailing around on a ship and meeting Hugh Jackman. Joy said she collects bookmarks so I mailed her one I made! Here’s a scan of the front and back. 🙂

UPDATE June 18, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 19 days after traveling 15,558 km! “G’day! Thanks so much for the lovely card with my bookmark-how clever! Thanks for our anniversary wishes. Just back from our great trip. (…) Hope all is well there for you. Kind regards.”

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