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My fiancé’s parents just went to Bermuda, and I received this postcard from them today! 🙂 It took 7 days for the card to get from Bermuda to Richmond, Virginia. They unfortunately arrived around the same time as Hurricane Joaquin, but they were still able to see some sites! 🙂 This postcard is a photo of Hamilton Harbour.

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Bermuda & Luxembourg cards from the Randall Family!



Favorite cheese: Brie

The Randall Family has sent me many wonderful postcards from around the world, via Massachusetts, and yesterday and today I received these great cards from Bermuda and Luxembourg! I love the vintage look of the Bermuda Maritime Museum card! The Luxembourg card looks like a woodcut (?) of the Rue du St. Esprit. The scalloped edges are neat – I wish more postcards had them!

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