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Swaps #48 & 49 & another with Liu Jie!

A few people contacted me about swapping postcards over the past 6 months, and I was more than happy to. I sent their cards off, and I emailed them when I received their card. However I haven’t heard back from, so I still don’t know if they’re gotten my cards, but I’m going to assume they did by now since it’s been so long. I’m guessing they got busy with life, or maybe there was a problem with email. So if they read this, and didn’t get their cards, I’d be happy to resend them! 🙂 

Lily lives in Washington, DC, USA, and she noticed that I’d favorited this “zebra” card of hers. She emailed me on Christmas Day 2013, and said she’d like to send it to me, since it was “Christmas and all :)” I thought that was really sweet! 🙂 She picked up the postcard in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and it’s an ad for a bookstore. I sent Lily the Chicago World’s Fair card that she liked in return.

36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-dec31.2013 36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-dec31.2013-stamp

36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-jan7.2014 36-DIRECT-SWAP-DC-USA-jan7.2014-stamps

Alisson from São Paulo, Brazil contacted me in February, 2014. He really liked my Harley-Davidson postcard that I’ve sent before and that he saw in the Postcrossing gallery. He sent me this lovely card of São Paulo, and really interesting stamp!!! I’m guessing it’s the automated type you get at a machine from the post office? I’m not really sure, but it’s unique, and I like that. 🙂

  49-scan290 49-scan29149-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb10.201449-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-back-feb10.2014-stamps

I had swapped with Liu Jie once before. I was really excited she asked me to swap again, since Asian shape cards are really expensive and difficult to get – because they are simply beautiful! 🙂 From what I’ve learned via Postcrossing, shape cards in Asia are 2 or 3 times the cost of a normal postcard, and the postage is about 3 times as much. I so sent Liu Jie 8 cards for her 2.

ice scan339

scan346 scan349

Words card32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-2 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-3  32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-5 Keep Calm and Send More Postcrossing Cards32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-432-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-7 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-8 32-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-jan7.2014-stamps

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Sent Card #127

127-BRAZIL-june15.2013-card 127-BRAZIL-june15.2013-stamp

This card went to Camila in Americana, Brazil! She mentioned in her profile that she likes Edgar Allen Poe, so I wrote to her that Poe is from Richmond, VA and that the Poe Museum is here. 🙂 It’s a pretty neat museum, and I mentioned that they even have a lock of his hair!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 20 days after traveling 7,383 km! Camila wrote, “Hello! I’m very much happy for this amazing and funny postcard from the Simpsons, I love watching it! It’s very popular in Brazil 😀 Ohh!! Edgar Allan Poe Museum?! I want to see it! *__* Yeah, hair.. it’s very weird, but all the things that he wrote were weird too 😛 […]” Hahha so true! 🙂

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Swap #19 & 20


Leandro from Cananéia, Brazil wrote to me about swapping and I just received his cards! I love the bright colors on the stamp! I sent him the cards below.

19-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-card1 19-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-card2 19-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-card3 19-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-envelope-stamps

I also received a second swap today!

Scan 14 Scan 15

Kayee from China asked if I’d swap with her, and I received this really beautiful card today along with some very pretty stamps. I sent her the card below of Richmond’s famous Monument Avenue.


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Direct Swap #9

Whew! Alberto in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil contacted me about a direct swap in the middle of November, and I was a little worried because he’d received my card on Nov. 19. But finally, today, I received his! YAY! I completely blame this on the Richmond Postal service. I’ve had soooo many problems with them! Ugh. But I’m so happy I received this card today. 🙂 I love the stamp most of all!


Alberto had contacted me about exchanging a Maryland mapcard. I initially told him I didn’t have one (after checking 3 times) but a day later I found one! 🙂 Yay! It was my last one, so now, obviously, I need to go on vacation to Maryland to find more. 🙂


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Sent Card #52 & 53

Isadora in São Paulo, Brazil likes history cards. I wrote a little about the history of Richmond and that in April 1865, General Lee found out that Richmond was going to be invaded so he evacuated the city. He also ordered his troops to burn all the buildings that contained government records, cotton, tobacco, liquor and food so the North couldn’t use any of it. About 60 blocks burned and shortly after the South surrendered.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 7,492 km! Isadora said: “Thank you for the postcard, it is amazing! Happy postcrossing.”

Karin in Berlin, Germany loves reading so I sent her a card by the great Beatrix Potter! I told her I am currently reading “Divergent” which is similar to the “Hunger Games”, but I think it’s a little bit better.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 6,860 km! Karin said: “Thank you for your beautiful card” and she thanked me for the book recommendation. 🙂

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Received Cards #27 & 28

Paulo from São Lourenço, Brazil sent me this great cheese card! It is Queijo de Minas (Minas cheese). The town where the cheese is made is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What a cute card! I love the colors so much! Tjaaktje in the Netherlands sent me this and said she also studied abroad in high school – but she did it for an entire year! She went to Nebraska. I think that’s so cool. Plus I bet it gave her a much better sense of America than living somewhere like NYC or LA. The stamps are great! I have a lot of Dutch stamps and I’ve never seen any of these!

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