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Received Card #193


Favorite cheese: Chipotle Gouda

Paige from Tampa, Florida, USA sent me this lovely card from the Gulf Coast. Wish I was there right now. 🙂

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Sent Card #189


I sent this card to Claire in Speedway, Indiana, USA. It’s of a vintage photo from 1898 from the midway of a Ringling Circus in Washington, D.C. I recently went to Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin where I picked it up! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 498 km! Claire wrote, “Thank you for the postcard! I love old photos and this one is very cool. Have you been to Peru, Indiana? It claims to be the circus capital of the world. It has been home to seven of the world’s major circuses for their winter headquarters. Happy postcrossing!” (And no, I haven’t been to Peru, Indiana, but I’d love to go there someday!)

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Iceland card with circus stamp!


I received this wonderful card from Iceland via Ingrid in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, USA recently. 🙂 I LOVE the stamp, and the photo is just gorgeous. Thank you so much Ingrid! 🙂 Iceland is on my “Top 5” places I want to see right now, although I do really want to see and explore every country!

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