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Received Card #187.5


187.5-ENGLAND-5may.20.2014-stamp 187.5-ENGLAND-5may.20.2014-stamp2

This post is called “187.5”, because I’m not sure how else to describe this card. This is a first for me on Postcrossing! I received this card yesterday, and although the ID number is clear on the card, Postcrossing wouldn’t let me register it. So I figured the person had written down the wrong ID number, and I contacted Postcrossing. I’ve had to do this a few times, and they usually reply very quickly with the correct ID.

They wrote me back and said, “Sorry that ID no longer exists on Postcrossing because it is over 365 days old. It cannot be registered.” The card is from England. I’m so curious what happened! Did it get dropped in a post office – in England or the US? Or did the person sending it forget to send it, and discovered it a year later?

Very strange! I wish I could thank the person who sent it to me. Maybe they will see this post someday. 🙂

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Swaps with Yiqi and Merve


Yiqi sent me this awesome Christmas card a few months ago! The snowman is detachable. 🙂 She sent it from China. She also sent a postcard from London, England where she’s studying. I love it! 🙂

MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-card MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-pic  MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-book MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-stamps

Merve from Ankara, Turkey sent this great ice skating card and photo she took of Istanbul! It looks so pretty. I also love the stamps. 🙂

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Received Cards #167 & 168


Favorite cheese: a yellow cheese from Norway

Tanya lives in Surrey, England and was born in Moldova and lived in Russia. That’s so interesting! 🙂 She sent me this fantastic card of Kate & William! I love the stamp, too. I’ve never seen it.

168-SWEDEN-feb14.2014 168-SWEDEN-feb14.2014-sticker168-SWEDEN-feb14.2014-stamp

Favorite cheese: Taleggio

Antje is from Gothenburg, Sweden and she sent me this super cool mapcard. I really loved seeing which Swedish animal names were similar to English names like lox / lax, beaver / baver and otter / utter. 🙂

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Received Card #147, 148 & 149


Favorite cheese: Briquette du Forez

Shadia is from France, but lives in London, England. She said she uses Postcrossing as a way to teach her two young children about geography! I’ve noticed other parents do this on Postcrossing too, and I think that’s such a great idea!

147-NORWAY-jan15.2014 147-NORWAY-jan15.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Jarlsberg

Ingrid from Norway sent me this card she picked up on a recent trip to Israel. I really like the stamp on the left – the grayish part is actually silver.

148-FINLAND-jan15.2014  148-FINLAND-jan15.2014-sticker   148-FINLAND-jan15.2014-stamp

Favorite cheese: Emmentaler

Leila from Finland sent me this vintage card from St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s of the Peter and Paul Fortress, which I actually went to many years ago! I really like that she reused the envelope that she sent her card in! Yay, upcycling! 🙂

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Received Card #108


This is such a cute card! Ollie from Lincoln, England sent this to me. Love it!

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Swap with Yiqi

RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-card2RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-card4RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-card3 RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-memos  RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-stampRECEIVED-YIQI-2013.5may.xx.2013-stamps

Yiqi sent me this great envelope filled with wonderful things! 🙂 She sent me some awesome cards, 3 memos and some really cute stamps! I love them all, but I really adore the “Wallace and Gromit” stamp!

I had sent her the following (3 postcards, a Postrossing magnet I made & a bookmark I made from stamps):

SENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-card1 SENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-card2  SENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-card3 Magnet SENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-stampsSENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-bookmark-backSENT-YIQI-2013.4april.24.2013-bookmark

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RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-card3 RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-card2  RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-card RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-card4RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-poemRECEIVED-YIQI-2013.3march.30.2013-stamp

Yiqi agreed to exchange postcards with me, because I adored the Martin Wiscombe card she had. She went above and beyond and actually bought the other 3 cards in the set for me – and today I received the final one (the cupcake card). I’m so pleased! I don’t know what else to say. 🙂 Except (I never run out of words…) and the other cards are amazing too. So surreal and circus like. I love them! 🙂 So perfect for me! 🙂

Below are the cards I sent her:

71-NETHERLANDS-jan10.2013-Postcard-front Airmail sticker card

Queen Machin stamp postcard SENT-YIQI-2013.3march.08.2013-cards-frontSENT-YIQI-2013.3march.08.2013-envelope-2

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Received Card #72 & 73


I would love to go to the place on this card! So pretty! Athabasca Glacier is part of the Columbia Icefield, located in the Canadian Rockies. Margaret sent me this lovely card she recently acquired on vacation, and she lives in England.

73-GERMANY-feb23.2013 73-GERMANY-feb23.2013-stamp

I love handmade cards! Jan-Erik sent me this card he made of Zossen, Germany.

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Another swap with Yiqi! :)

RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-front2  RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-front1RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stamp RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stamp2RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.7feb.22.2013-stickers

Yiqi agreed to swap with me, after I had seen one of these great cards she had sent by Martin Wiscombe in the Postcrossing gallery. I was so excited to get these two today! They’re beautiful. Yiqi has a great way with words and I loved reading these cards, and the other two she send a month ago. She wrote that British food is “seriously terrible”, and I’m guessing the vast majority of the world agrees, but I really like English food. 🙂 It’s really bland and never upsets my stomach!

Below are the two cards I sent her a month ago: 

YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-card2-front  YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-front

YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-stamps  YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-card2-stamps

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Swap from Yiqi!

RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-front RECEIVED-YIQI-2013.1jan.22.2013-stamp

Yiqi lives in England, but was in China over the winter school break. She sent me this cute card while she was abroad! Unfortunately the Richmond Post Office ripped it up, but I still love it. 🙂 I love the stamp too!!! It was funny to get her card today, because I mailed one to her today.

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