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Received Cards #185 & 186


I was so thrilled to see this postcard in my mailbox!!! I love maps – especially subway maps. Chris in the Burgundy area of France set me this lovely card and stamps. 🙂


Lephia from Semarang, Indonesia sent me this neat card of Prambanan Temple which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. I also like the stamps and the map on the back of the card!

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Received Cards #156, 157, 158, 159 & 160

I received so many postcards today! I love days like today! 🙂


Päivi from Peräseinäjoki, Finland sent me this super cute card of cows! And, she included a few stamps for me! I LOVE them! Especially the Santa ones. 🙂 She said she lives on a farm and has 7,000 hens! Wow!!!


Favorite cheese: Tomme Blanche (traditional cheese usually made in the Alps)

Carole lives near Perpignan, France and sent me a card with two of my loves on it: ice skating and cheese. It’s wonderful! 🙂 Who knew such a card existed! 🙂

156-HONG-KONG-jan30.2014  156-HONG-KONG-jan30.2014-stamp

Kent from Hong Kong sent me this very colorful card, and equally colorful and beautiful stamp! 🙂 He lives there with his wife, son and 2 cats!

158-POLAND-jan30.2014 158-POLAND-jan30.2014-stamp

Karolina from PoznaĹ„, Poland sent this neat card of her hometown. It looks like there’s a lot of interesting things to see and do there!

159-GERMANY-jan30.2014  159-GERMANY-jan30.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Leerdammer (similar to Emmental)

Silke is a biologist from Northern Germany, and lives near the Baltic Sea. The painting is called “Die Witwe und das Junge Elternpaar” which means “The Widow and the Young Parents”. Such pretty stamps!

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Sent Cards #109, 110 & 111

109-GERMANY-may23.2013-card1 109-GERMANY-may23.2013-stamps

Hen in Bonn, Germany likes cards connected to railways. So I sent him this card from Rockford, Illinois where I grew up. It’s of the Rockford Military Band, police and dignitaries waiting for President Teddy Roosevelt to arrive at the train station on South Main Street in 1903.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 6,544 km! Hen wrote, “Hello from Bonn on the Rhine, and many thanks for the card in the German. This is the 1st time in 3 years and 3 months. […] I like your music and train card very much!” 🙂 I can’t believe I’m the 1st to write to him to German! Wow! 


William of Nijmegen, Netherlands likes cards of lighthouses so I sent him one of the Cape Henry Lighthouses, which I saw last year. (And went to the top of the one on the right!)

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,417 km! William wrote, “Hallo Maria, Thank you for cute card, I like it very much. All the best. Greeting from The Netherlands”


DorothĂ©e in Paris, France said she likes postcards of historic people, so I sent her this one of JFK and Jackie O. She also said she’d like to receive recipes, so I added one for Zucchini Pie. It’s one of my favorites! I tried to translate the cups/teaspoons/etc. into grams. Cooking would be much easier if the US used grams. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,311 km! DorothĂ©e wrote, “Bonjour Maria ! Thank you very much for your great postcard ! John and Jackie, what a glamour couple ! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll try it ! For sure ! Italian food is delicious 🙂 I only know Richmond by the novels of Patricia Cornwell and her heroine Kay Scarpetta. Haha :p Have a nice day!”

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Received Cards #102, 103 & 104

102-USA-MN-may23.2013 102-USA-MN-may23.2013-2

Jon in the great state of Minnesota, USA sent me this wonderful mapcard! Yay! I lived in Minneapolis for a while, and it’s a great place to live! 🙂

103-CHINA-may23.2013 103-CHINA-may23.2013-2

Umbrella in Chengdu, China sent me this cute card from “The Little Prince”. She said it’s her favorite book. I love that book and haven’t read it for ages. I should read it again!

104-FRANCE-may23.2013 104-FRANCE-may23.2013-2

Christelle from France sent me this great circus / stamp card. I love the matching stamp! 🙂

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Received Card #16

Favorite cheese: Morbier

Anne is from the South of France and sent me this beautiful card! She said this postbox is typical in France. Her profile is fascinating… She a Postcrossing Supporter (she donated $) and she also set up an account for her grandfather who is 92! She also started selling her own postcards on Etsy and you can find the link here.

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