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Received Card #24

Favorite cheese: Graskaas

WOW! Marianne in the Netherlands sent me this super awesome handmade card! So cute. She wrote that people in her region are called “Cheeseheads”. Hahha I didn’t realize people besides us Wisconsinites are called Cheeseheads. ALSO, Marianne sent me a sheet of stamps! So nice of her. It really made my day! 🙂 They are called “Kinderpostzegels” and they are a little more expensive than regular stamps because some of the money goes to children who need special help.

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Received Cards #3 & 4

I received this awesome postcard today! I love it. Yvonne from the Netherlands wrote that she lives in Walcheren Island which is in the province of Zeeland. Since she lives on an island, there are a lot of lighthouses! That sounds really pretty!!!

My first handmade card! It seems a lot of people on Postcrossing don’t want handmade cards – which is understandable. But I was really curious what I might get and I love seeing how people are different creatively – so I wrote on my profile that I’d like to get handmade cards. Evonne in Taiwan sent this card to me and I thought it was really sweet she took the time to make it! She wrote that many animals are dying and that we need to save them.

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