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Received Card #208


Katalin from Hungary, sent me this beautiful card from Budapest! I love it – especially the train stamp. 🙂

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Stamps from Daniel!

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I swapped with Daniel from Pécs, Hungary two weeks ago. He collects USA mapcards & stadium cards, and I collect stamps (more than postcards). He sent me these lovely Hungarian stamps today! He also sent me some new airmail stickers, because I collect them too. 🙂 YAY!

I sent Daniel the cards below. I sent 4 of them, then found another card he was looking for the very next day (of course!) so I sent him that one as well.


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Swap #38

38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-2 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.201438-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-envelope2 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-envelope 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-stamps 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-stamps2 38-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-feb15.2014-stamps3

Daniel from Pécs, Hungary found me via Postcrossing and asked me to swap. I was really excited about this, because I’ve never received anything from Hungary, and also because he said he’d send me 2 postcards of his that I really liked, and stamps. Stamps! 🙂 I really like dogs, so I wanted the first postcard, and the second postcard I thought was really interesting. I had no idea what it was. When I got the card today, the back said it was a monument called “The Atomium” and it was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. I did a little research and found that the “The Atomium” is not only still standing, but it’s a really popular tourist attraction. I would love to see it in person someday!

I was really happy with this swap! 🙂 I really love all the stamps, and I also can add a new airmail sticker to my collection!

Below are the postcards I sent to Daniel! 🙂

41-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-jan25.2014-1 41-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-jan25.2014-519-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-card3 41-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-jan25.2014-2 MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-pcard2 108-netherlands-may8-CARD 41-DIRECT-SWAP-HUNGARY-jan25.2014-7 165-FINLAND-jan24mapcard-wisco3mapcard-wisco232-DIRECT-SWAP-CHINA-dec8-liujie-postcard3136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card1

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