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Swap #60

postageairmail stamps-3 stamps

Pieter from Upper Moutere, New Zealand contacted me over Facebook to swap, and I gladly said yes! He was interested in some USA mapcards I have, and he offered postcards or stamps – I chose stamps, and WOW! He sent me sooooo many New Zealand stamps. I was so excited to get them since I don’t have many New Zealand stamps. He has literally quadrupled my collection! (Increased it by 4 times!) Thank you so much Pieter! 🙂

I sent Pieter the cards below:

mapcard-ILLINOIS-4mapcard-ILLINOISmapcard-wisco2mapcard-wisco3mapcard-wisco5mapcard-ILLINOIS-2mapcard-wisco4  mapcard-wisco7mapcard-IOWAmapcard-virginia5IL-bob-

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Road Trip!

I recently went on a roadtrip from Virginia to Wisconsin, and back! I had a huge amount of fun, and, as always, I was on the lookout for postcards! I finally found some Illinois mapcards. I’ve been trying to find them for a few years, and never have any luck. I go to Illinois once or twice a year, so I was thrilled to finally find not only one, but four different designs! 🙂


I went to Springfield, Illinois on my trip, as I’m a huge Lincoln nerd. 😉 And several locals had mentioned Cozy Dog Drive In, as being a good place to eat. I’m really happy I went there, because not only was the food great, but I also learned about a wonderful artist named Bob Waldmire! The Cozy Dog Drive In, had a gift shop, which sold various products with his art on them, and obviously I bought several of the postcards. 🙂 The Cozy Dog Drive In claims to have invented the corn dog, by Bob Waldmire’s dad, and a friend. I don’t eat meat, so I can’t tell you how the corn dog was, but my fiancé said it was quite tasty. I thought their grilled cheese and fries were great! 🙂 Here are a few examples of Waldmire’s art, which I think is so incredible and amazing!

img20150830_18190952 img20150830_18195710  img20150830_18195710-2img20150830_18190952-2

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Received Cards #172 & 173

172-USA-IL-feb24.2014 172-USA-IL-feb24.2014-stamp

Favorite cheeses: Stilton & Manchego

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this postcard! Matt from Chicago, Illinois, USA sent it to me. Fantastic. 🙂


Xenia from near Zlatoust, Russia sent me this great card! I love the stamps! 🙂 She asked if it was true that some parts of America were having temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) with the windchill… I emailed her back and said yes… Thankfully I haven’t been around such low temperatures this year, but I know many people who have.

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Swapped Card #1

Tiffany in Schaumburg, IL contacted me about swapping postcards – my 1st swap! Neat. 🙂 She liked the Virginia mapcard I recently sent and wanted to know if I had another one. I do, so she sent me a Michigan mapcard because I want to start collecting mapcards, too! I can’t believe I lived in Wisconsin for 24 years and have never been to Michigan. Oops. But I’ve been to 24 other states! Below is the card I sent.

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