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Received Cards #185 & 186


I was so thrilled to see this postcard in my mailbox!!! I love maps – especially subway maps. Chris in the Burgundy area of France set me this lovely card and stamps. 🙂


Lephia from Semarang, Indonesia sent me this neat card of Prambanan Temple which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. I also like the stamps and the map on the back of the card!

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Swap #44

44-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-2014.jan.29-card 44-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-2014.jan.29-stamps

Stella from Jakarta, Indonesia contacted me about swapping, and I received this lovely postcard of Indonesian food that I really like! She said the food was white rice, chicken skewer (satay), oxtail soup, gado-gado (salad with peanut dressing & rice crackers), pickled veggies and 3 types of sambal (chili paste). It all looks amazing!!! 🙂 I also love the stamps she put on – plus the silvery tape (with the stars) that she added – it went right down the middle of the postcard which I thought was pretty cool – and unique! Stella wanted a Wisconsin mapcard that I had. 🙂


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Received Card #184

scan357 scan358

Favorite cheese: Cheddar

Shinta is a teacher from Surabaya, Indonesia and sent me this card of Borobudur Temple which is the largest Buddhist monument in the world (and 1,200+ years old). It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It’s been raining here a lot lately, so unfortunately her postcard arrived somewhat water damaged, but it still looks beautiful! 🙂 Love the stamps!

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Cards from Sitia!

scan062scan061 scan060

Sitia from Indonesia sent me these great cards, and really cool handmade envelope! 🙂 The stamps are great too!

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Swap #28

28-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-sep12 28-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-sep12-stamps

Sitia from Bekasi, Indonesia contacted me about swapping. That sounded fun, especially since I’ve never gotten a card from Indonesia! 🙂 She sent me this lovely card (and stamps!) a few weeks ago. It’s about a boy who goes to work on a ship – which ironically, I got right after my fiancé left to work on a cruise ship! 🙂

Below is a another card Sitia sent to me today: Komodo Island (where the dragons live!) and more beautiful stamps!

28a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct2928a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct29-stamps  28a-DIRECT-SWAP-indonesia-oct29-sticker

I had sent these cards and stamps to Sitia. 🙂

126-GERMANY-USA-june28.2013-card Airmail sticker card 26-DIRECT-SWAP-INDONESIA-aug27-stamps84-POLAND-march4-card-stamp

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