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Swap #60

postageairmail stamps-3 stamps

Pieter from Upper Moutere, New Zealand contacted me over Facebook to swap, and I gladly said yes! He was interested in some USA mapcards I have, and he offered postcards or stamps – I chose stamps, and WOW! He sent me sooooo many New Zealand stamps. I was so excited to get them since I don’t have many New Zealand stamps. He has literally quadrupled my collection! (Increased it by 4 times!) Thank you so much Pieter! 🙂

I sent Pieter the cards below:

mapcard-ILLINOIS-4mapcard-ILLINOISmapcard-wisco2mapcard-wisco3mapcard-wisco5mapcard-ILLINOIS-2mapcard-wisco4  mapcard-wisco7mapcard-IOWAmapcard-virginia5IL-bob-

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Madeleine + Aaron

aaron aaron2

Aaron sent me this card from Iowa. Love how the woman looks like part of the rocks! Thanks for the card!madeleinemade

Madeleine from Massachusetts sent me this card – she took the photo herself in New Zealand! She took it at the Gentle World Veganic farm in Kaitaia, NZ.

I sent her this card last year of Heine. And a bumper stiicker from Cafe Verde – a great vegan restaurant in Richmond with amazing tacos, cupcakes and other vegan things. 🙂


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Swap #55 & New Mapcards!

55-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-CA-oct8 55-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-CA-oct8-stamps

I swapped with Sierra in Brea, California, USA and got this wonderful postcard of Native American Tribes of California! This is so cool! 🙂 I’d love to have one from every state. I also LOVE the vintage stamps! 🙂

mapcard-wisco4mapcard-wisco5 mapcard-IOWA

I recently traveled back home to Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding, and found a few more mapcards to add to my collection (shown above)! 🙂 Very oddly I found the Iowa one at Paul Bunyan’s in Wisconsin Dells, which is a few hours from Iowa, but they didn’t have any Wisconsin mapcards! 🙂 That’s fine though, because I was missing an Iowa mapcard, and now I have one in my collection!

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Sent Card #48, 49, 50 & 51

Renee in Norwalk, Iowa works in a library so I’m sending her one of favorite cards. The Strand in NYC is one of my favorite bookstores. They claim to have “18 miles of books”!

UPDATE Nov. 11, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 7 days after traveling 1,455 km! Renee liked the card and the vintage stamps I put on it! I used a 20 cent library stamp from 1982. 🙂

Giancarlo of Brembate Sopra, Italy likes cards of public transportation, and sadly I don’t have a single one. So I am sending him a mapcard!

UPDATE Nov. 14, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 10 days after traveling 6,951 km! Giancarlo said: “thank you very much for the card, very appreciated.”

Olga in Minsk, Belarus likes mapcards so I am sending her one also.

UPDATE Nov. 22, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 17 days after traveling 7,602 km! Olga wrote: “Greetings and best wishes from Belarus. Thank you so much for your beautiful card! I really like it!”

Merve in Eskisehir, Turkey said she likes the Beatles so I’m sending one of my favorite pictures of John Lennon. She also said she collects Band-Aids and stamps (yay, stamps!), so I am sending her some of both including some Angry Birds Band-Aids.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 8,733 km! Merve wrote: “Thanks for all. Your stamps are very very beautiful, band-aids are very good 🙂 (and yes I mean band-aids by “plasters”)…” 🙂

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