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Sent Cards #161 & 162


I sent this card to Elisa in Halberstadt, Germany! She asked to write about my favorite hobby, so I told her I love collecting stamps! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 6,744 km! Elisa wrote, “Thanks for the beautiful postcard with pretty stamps. I was really happy about it! 🙂 Happy Postcrossing” 


My first card to Israel!!! 🙂 I sent this to Oksana in Kfar Bilu, Israel. Oxana is originally from Russia, and works as a doctor in an ER. That sounds really intense! Yet, admirable and wonderful, too. 🙂 Her profile said she loved postcards of old ships, so I sent her this one of the Titanic.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 28 days after traveling 9,601 km! Oksana wrote, “Thanks for the interesting card and stamps! All the best! Oksana”

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Received Card #70 & 71

71-POLAND-feb22.2013-card 71-POLAND-feb22.2013-stamp71-POLAND-feb22.2013-airmail

Magda lives in Libiąż, Poland and sent me this pretty card. Peacock feathers are so beautiful!


My first card from Israel! And what a beautiful one too. Yulia said that right before she drew my name on Postcrossing, she was eating Brie. So funny! I am obsessed with cheese. And I just love this card!

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