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Received Card #204


Favorite cheese: Mozzarella

Futabako from Takarazuka, Japan sent me this stunning postcard of Mount Fuji, and a Shinkansen bullet train. The trains can go up to 200 mph (320km/h)! I also wanted to include the back of the card, because I thought Futabako decorated it so beautifully! 🙂 Everything is so pretty, but I really do love the sushi stamp quite a bit, and how she added a sticker and stamp of Mount Fuji to match the postcard! 🙂 HOW CUTE! 🙂

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Received Card #197


Mayo from Sapporo, Japan sent me this cool card from the Victoria and Albert Museum. She said she really wants to visit the US – especially White Sands, New Mexico. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of White Sands! I had to look it up. It looks so beautiful: just like a desert but the sand is white. It looks like snow has fallen on a desert. I’d love to go there! 🙂

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Received Cards #121, 122, 123 & 124

121-RUSSIA-july13.2013 121-RUSSIA-july13.2013-stamp

I love this card! Elena from Tomsk, Russia sent it to me. I LOVE watching the Olympics, so this was a wonderful card to receive! I’m so excited to watch the Olympics next year! (Especially the figure skating!!!)

122-RUSSIA-july13.2013 122-RUSSIA-july13.2013-stamp

Favorite cheese: Doesn’t really like cheese, but does sometimes eat Brie and Russian soft cheese with apricots & almonds  

I love this postcard too! 🙂 So perfect for me. I love collecting stamps, and Russia is my largest international collection! Nastya from Russia sent me this great card!


So cute – this card says, “World power with 3 letters?” “Me.” 🙂 Anja from Köln, Germany sent it.

124-JAPAN-july13.2013 124-JAPAN-july13.2013-airmail 124-JAPAN-july13.2013-stamp

Satashi from Ise, Japan sent me this card. I don’t usually post the written portion of the postcard, but this is the “front” side (the other side has my address). Also, after I registered the postcard, it appears this is a group of students that are sending cards. Pretty neat! I found her questions pretty interesting. It took me a while to answer them! 1. Popular American foods are cheeseburgers & French fries, chicken, corn and watermelon. 2. The most famous American is Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe Benjamin Franklin, JFK, Michael Jackson or Walt Disney. It was really hard to decide. I’m sure there are better answers, but this is what I thought of off the top of my head!

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Sent Card #123

123-JAPAN-june15.2013-card 123-JAPAN-june15.2013-stamps

Keiko from Chiba, Japan had children’s book illustrations at the top of her favorite postcard list, so I sent her this bookcover card by Beatrix Potter. This was my favorite Potter book growing up!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 11,035 km! Keiko wrote, “Thank you for a postcard, it’s really cute (“Kawaii” in Japanese)!! I love illustrations and stories of childrens books. They make me happy, hearty, and give me some philosophy. […]”

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Received Card #105

105-JAPAN-may28.2013 105-JAPAN-may28.2013-stamps 105-JAPAN-may28.2013-airmail

I got this beautiful card from Miwa in Toyko, Japan today! She said she just went to the Ikeda Masuo Art Museum and got this card there. The stamps are amazing – they’re all new to me. I especially love the Girl Scout stamp (the green one). I collect Scout stamps. AND I love the airmail stamp! How cute is that? I love airmail stickers, but they’re really not necessary anymore. But it’d be fun to have my own airmail stamp. 🙂

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Received Card #58 & 59

Happy New Year! 🙂 My first cards of the new year!

taiwan-card taiwan-stamps

Mimi in Taiwan sent me this card with really pretty stamps! I have a few sets of these stamps, but I always like seeing them – they’re lovely!

japan2japan-stamps-2japan-stamps  japan

What a treat! 🙂 Ryoko in Saitama, Japan sent me this really pretty goldfish card in an envelope – and enclosed a bunch of stamps!!! YAY! It was such a surprise opening the envelope and having lots of stamps fall out – it was like Christmas. 🙂 I love them all, but I really like the round Mickey Mouse one – it’s so unusual to see a round stamp.

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Received Card #13

I got the cutest letter in the mail today! Emi in Osaka, Japan sent me this beautiful train card and very pretty stamps. She wrote that she loves cheese too, and she included a picture of a pizza she just baked! Mmmm…

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