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Received Cards #136 & 137


Favorite cheeses: Havarti, smoked Gouda & cheese curds 

Jen from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA sent me this awesome card today! If you plant the card in a little soil and water it, it will grow. 🙂 The card is made with wildflower seeds. How neat is that? There is more info here – I think I will have to order some cards, because I don’t want to “plant” Jen’s card. 🙂

136-CZECH-aug26.2013 136-CZECH-aug26.2013-stamp

And in keeping with the plant theme… I also received this card from Yevgeniya in the Czech Republic today. 🙂 Sunflowers are so pretty… I love how they follow the sun! Yevgeniya bought this card in Hannover, Germany which I think is really neat (I lived there one summer). Hannover is awesome!

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Received Cards #102, 103 & 104

102-USA-MN-may23.2013 102-USA-MN-may23.2013-2

Jon in the great state of Minnesota, USA sent me this wonderful mapcard! Yay! I lived in Minneapolis for a while, and it’s a great place to live! 🙂

103-CHINA-may23.2013 103-CHINA-may23.2013-2

Umbrella in Chengdu, China sent me this cute card from “The Little Prince”. She said it’s her favorite book. I love that book and haven’t read it for ages. I should read it again!

104-FRANCE-may23.2013 104-FRANCE-may23.2013-2

Christelle from France sent me this great circus / stamp card. I love the matching stamp! 🙂

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Direct Swap #8


Yi is Chinese and lives in Eagan, Minnesota. She contacted me about swapping mapcards. I sent her a VA mapcard and just got this one in return! I love the shape!

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