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Swap #61

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I recently swapped with Carla from Linden, New Jersey, USA! She had 3 cards available to swap, which are some of my favorites: a mapcard, a state flag card and a photo of a battleship. The battleship is the USS New Jersey which is now a retired ship and currently open as a museum in Camden, NJ. I would love to go explore it someday!

I sent Carla the postcards below:


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Sent Card #186


I sent this card to Rose in Seaside Park, New Jersey, USA who likes mapcards!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 9 days after traveling 392 km! Rose said, “Thanks so much for the Virginia map card! It’s new to my collection 🙂 “

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Sent Cards #97 & 98

Bo99-NJ-april10.2013-CARD-back-LOST-stamp 99-NJ-may8-CARD-BACK-stamp

This card went to Candace in New Jersey, USA – twice. I noticed after a few weeks that it didn’t arrive, so I sent it again on May 8. Thankfully it arrived this time! I used vintage (dog) stamps the first time – I wonder if that was the problem? I’ve used these particular ones several times, so I don’t know. I used the apple one the 2nd time around.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 33 days after traveling 448 km! Candace wrote, “Love the Bo card! Thank you.”


I sent this card to Maksym in Ukraine. It expired, and I noticed he hadn’t logged into Postcrossing for several weeks. So I emailed him and asked if he could register my card – the next day he deleted his account. I don’t really understand why people sign up for Postcrossing and don’t bother to register their cards. Like, if you try it and decide you don’t want to continue, that’s fine, but why not register the cards you get? I was really frustrated. But after a while, Postcrossing sent me an email saying since the Maksym deleted his account, they would automatically register my card. 🙂 Yay, Postcrossing!

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Received Cards #51, 52, 53 & 54


Favorite cheese: Tvarůžky (I just looked it up and there is a Tvarůžky Cheese Museum!!! I want to go!)

I got this awesome postcard / stamps from Radana in the Czech Republic! I’ve always thought the Czechs have some of the best design in the world.


Favorite cheese: Sharp Cheddar

I loooooove this card. I’ve been dying to get this box of cards (Paris vs. New York) so maybe this is a sign? 😉 I also LOVE the vintage Olympic stamp! Yay! Megan in New Jersey picked the the most perfect card and stamp for me!!!


I was at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2000 so it was awesome to get this card in the mail! It brought back a lot of good memories. 🙂 July in Tyumen, Russia send it to me.


Svetlana in Cherkasy, Ukraine sent me this great card, stamps, a mini-calendar and super cute, glittery stickers (the bear is one of them)!

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