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Sent Cards #202 & 203


I sent this card to Louise in Ballston Lake, NY, USA! The UCI Road World Championships were being held here in Richmond, VA when I sent this card. Part of the bicycling races were held on Monument Avenue, so I chose this card to send! 🙂 I told Louise I had just gone apple picking – one of my favorite times of the year! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 428 miles! Louise wrote, “Thanks for the postcard! It’s apple season here, too! Happy Postcrossing!”


I sent this mapcard to Astrid in Bielefeld, Germany. She said she likes postcards with flags, and this is the only current card I have which has a flag on it. Close!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 9 days after traveling 4,078 miles! Astrid wrote, “Many thanks for the beautiful card!” 

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Letter from Merve in Turkey!

img20150401_03220276 copy 2 img20150401_03220276 copy img20150401_03225473

Merve from Ankara, Turkey always has the best cards and messages for me! 🙂 I adore this New York card, and the airmail themed Eskişehir, Turkey card. The heart shaped stamp is also super amazing. 🙂

I sent Merve these cards last November:

MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card1 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card2 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-envelope MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-plastes

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Iceland card with circus stamp!


I received this wonderful card from Iceland via Ingrid in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, USA recently. 🙂 I LOVE the stamp, and the photo is just gorgeous. Thank you so much Ingrid! 🙂 Iceland is on my “Top 5” places I want to see right now, although I do really want to see and explore every country!

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Received Card #153

scan036 copyscan037

Yay, a mapcard! 🙂 I’ve been really slowly collecting mapcards, and was pleased to get this great one from Marcella in New York, USA today.

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Swap #33

33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card5 33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card2  33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card6 33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card333-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card433-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-card1   33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan6-stamp

Favorite cheese: Mozzarella (one of my favorite as well!)

Ann Marie from Dix Hills, New York, USA asked to swap 5 postcards, and I said yes! I lived in NYC for several years, but didn’t collect postcards at the time. It was so great seeing these cards – they make me want to move back right now! 🙂 There’s so much of NYC and the state of NY that I haven’t seen yet. Fire Island looks awesome, and I’d love to see more of Long Island! It’s funny how we agreed to swap 5 cards, and we both sent each other 6! 🙂

Below are the postcards I sent Ann Marie in exchange:

136-CZECH-dec10.2013-card1141-USA-nov21.2013 19-DIRECT-SWAP-BRAZIL-feb22.2013-card2  uss-wisconsin10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ-card-dec3-2012Coffee card vertical33-DIRECT-SWAP-USA-NY-jan3-stamps

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Swap #27

Favorite cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano

Monia from Liverpool, NY is an Italian expat, who wrote me asking to swap. She liked a few of the cards that I had sent on Postcrossing.

She wrote her letter on a biscotti box which I think is just ingenious! I will have to write a card on a box like that sometime. I love all these cards for various reasons but the one that sticks out the most is the foot of Costantino in Rome. She said all the tourists take pictures with it holding their noses. 🙂 I will have to do that someday!!! Cheesy, I know. But it sounds like fun. 🙂

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-letter-oct7 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard5-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard10-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard3-oct7.201327-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard2-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard4-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard6-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard7-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard8-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard9-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard11-oct7.2013  27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard12-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard13-oct7.2013 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-pcard14-oct7.2013

These are the cards that I sent to Monia:

27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard 27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard2EXPIRED-59-BELARUS-dec12.201227-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-pcard3 Queen Machin stamp postcardAirmail sticker card27-DIRECT-SWAP-NY-USA-sep30-stamps

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Sent Card #71

Virginia_mapcard271-USA-NY-feb7.2013-stamps 71-USA-NY-feb7.2013-banana

This card went to Katie in Carthage, New York. I told her I’ve never been to Carthage, but I traveled to Albany when I worked with the circus, and I lived in Brooklyn for several years. I added a banana sticker just because.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 5 days after traveling 738 km! Katie was really interested to hear that I worked for a circus. 🙂 It certainly was an interesting experience! 

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Received Card #25 & 26


Mikayla is 10 years old and lives in New York. She sent me this cute mapcard from Canada! Funny – the stamp wasn’t canceled and it took 12 days to get from NY to VA. Odd. She wrote that she “totally loves middle school.” 🙂 I wish Postcrossing had been around when I was in middle school – what a cool way to learn about other cultures, writing and geography!


Kate is a 20 year old student in Minsk, Belarus! She sent me these really cute cards and stamps. She also sent me a 100 ruble note! It was so surprising to find in the envelope! So neat. About 80 of them equals $1.

I was completely thrilled to received Kate’s thoughtful cards and ruble note (!) so I’m sending her these things below. 🙂 Her profile says she likes stickers, Disney and Winnie-the-Pooh… She also says she collects foreign objects such as bus tickets, movie tickets, etc. so I’m sending her a metrocard from NYC!

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Karo sends me a card!

My German friend Karo was in New York for a wedding and sent me this great card! She knows how much I love posters and this is a great one! 🙂 It’s from the Spanish Civil War created by the artist Goñi in 1937. The translation for the text is: “Your brothers at the front, they wait for you in the sacred fight for freedom.”

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