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Swap #60

postageairmail stamps-3 stamps

Pieter from Upper Moutere, New Zealand contacted me over Facebook to swap, and I gladly said yes! He was interested in some USA mapcards I have, and he offered postcards or stamps – I chose stamps, and WOW! He sent me sooooo many New Zealand stamps. I was so excited to get them since I don’t have many New Zealand stamps. He has literally quadrupled my collection! (Increased it by 4 times!) Thank you so much Pieter! ๐Ÿ™‚

I sent Pieter the cards below:

mapcard-ILLINOIS-4mapcard-ILLINOISmapcard-wisco2mapcard-wisco3mapcard-wisco5mapcard-ILLINOIS-2mapcard-wisco4 ย mapcard-wisco7mapcard-IOWAmapcard-virginia5IL-bob-

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Received Card #199

Heather from Wellington, New Zealand sent me this great card from a pub quiz night! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish more pubs / bars had quiz nights here in the US! They are so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the bird sticker!

199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015ย 199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015-stickerย 199-NEW-ZEALAND-4april.28.2015-stamps

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Madeleine + Aaron

aaron aaron2

Aaron sent me this card from Iowa. Love how the woman looks like part of the rocks! Thanks for the card!madeleinemade

Madeleine from Massachusettsย sent me this card – she took the photo herself in New Zealand! She took it at the Gentle World Veganic farm in Kaitaia, NZ.

I sent her this card last year of Heine. And a bumper stiicker from Cafe Verde – a great vegan restaurant in Richmond with amazing tacos, cupcakes and other vegan things. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย scan406scan403scan407-2

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Cards from Madeleine!

scan323 scan324ย ย scan326 ย scan328scan325scan327scan327777

Madeleine and I started writing to each other recently, and she is now in New Zealand studying abroad! YAY! She is in Parnell, Auckland and I’m hoping she’s having the time of her life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Studying abroad is awesome. She sent me these amazing postcards (mostly) from New Zealand. The first card is from a state park near Sarasota, FL and the fourth card is from Philly – and the rest are from NZ.

I LOVE the “envelope” she used. She took a postcard bag (a small brown paper bag) and taped my address and the back so it’d stay shut. I love how she upcycled it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Received Card #177

177-NEW-ZEALAND-march6.2014 177-NEW-ZEALAND-march6.2014-stamp 177-NEW-ZEALAND-march6.2014-airmail

Favorite cheese: none

Such a lovely postcard from New Zealand! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s of Rainbow Falls located on the Kerikeri River in New Zealand.ย Robin sent it to me, and she is a bookbinder. What a cool career!

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Received Card #60 & 61


Lisa in New Zealand sent me this really cool art card – and she added a little art herself! Lisa works in an art gallery and I think that’s so cool. If I hadn’t gone into graphic design, I would have gone into art history. I also LOVE the Hobbit stamp.


Favorite cheese: Brie

Another colorful card today! Yay! Mike in St. Petersburg, Russia sent me this great card. Robert’s Books is a a bookstore in Riga. I’ve always wanted to go to Riga, so I will have to check it out when I go!

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Direct Swap #10

10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ2-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ1-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ3-dec3.2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ4-dec3.2012


Vivienne in Christchurch, New Zealand sent me a really interesting pair of mapcards. One is an older card, with Christchurch Cathedral as their icon. The Feb. 22, 2011 earthquake destroyed the church, so now the city is represented by roses. On a complete sidenote, I LOVE the Par Avion sticker! The design is so clean. Vivienne had originally contacted me seeking a Virginia mapcard. I also had a Wisconsin one, so I sent both.

Virginia_Mapcardย 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ-card-dec3-2012 10-DIRECT-SWAP-NZ-stamps-dec3.2012

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