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Received Card #147, 148 & 149


Favorite cheese: Briquette du Forez

Shadia is from France, but lives in London, England. She said she uses Postcrossing as a way to teach her two young children about geography! I’ve noticed other parents do this on Postcrossing too, and I think that’s such a great idea!

147-NORWAY-jan15.2014 147-NORWAY-jan15.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Jarlsberg

Ingrid from Norway sent me this card she picked up on a recent trip to Israel. I really like the stamp on the left – the grayish part is actually silver.

148-FINLAND-jan15.2014  148-FINLAND-jan15.2014-sticker   148-FINLAND-jan15.2014-stamp

Favorite cheese: Emmentaler

Leila from Finland sent me this vintage card from St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s of the Peter and Paul Fortress, which I actually went to many years ago! I really like that she reused the envelope that she sent her card in! Yay, upcycling! 🙂

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“Hei!” from Patrick

2013.9sept.28-patrick 2013.9sept.28-patrick-stamp

My fiancé is currently working on a cruise ship overseas, and he sent me this card from Stavanger, Norway! I love cities that are near water, so I’d really like to go here someday! The red roofs are really pretty too.

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Sent Card #130

3-DIRECT-SWAP-POLAND2a136-NORWAY-july22.2013-envelope-stamps 136-NORWAY-july22.2013-stamps

Eivind in Oslo, Norway wrote on his profile that he likes history and collecting stamps – like me! 🙂 I sent him this card from the White House of the Confederacy here in Richmond. I also included some stamps for his collection.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 6,392 km! Eivind wrote, “Howdy, and thank you so much for the postcards and stamps. I visited Richmond two years ago, and among other things visited both the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House next door.” He also said that he visited the grave of President Davis and he went to Lexington and saw the graves of Stonewall Jackson, General Lee and Lee’s horse. What a small world! That’s really neat he’s been to Richmond. 🙂 I think he’s the 1st person I’ve written a card to that’s been here.

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