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Swap with Brenda!

47-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may27.2014 47-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may27.2014-stamp

I swapped with Brenda again, and received this really beautiful mapcard of Ontario! (And the lovely stamp!)

I sent Brenda my favorite Virginia card below:

Virginia square card49-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may19.2014-stamps

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Swap #47


Favorite cheese: Doesn’t like cheese (except on pizza, nachos & poutine… mmm poutine – I haven’t had that in so long! If you’ve never had poutine, it’s basically french fries, cheese curds and gravy sauce, and so delicious!)

Brenda from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada contacted me about swapping. She had some pretty cool cards to choose from and it was so hard to pick one! I settled on a vintage motel card, and this one is from Motel-Restaurant Au Délice in Mont-Saint-Pierre, Quebec, Canada. I’m pretty sure THIS is the same place! According to the back of the card, a room comes with a tv and radio! 🙂

She included her return address (I’m picturing half of it without her actual address). I thought it was pretty cool, because I saw the Canadian flag, and knew immediately who the card was from. I might have to look into ordering some address labels with an American flag for myself, because I thought that was a really nice touch! 🙂

Brenda had contacted me about swapping my airmail postcard. I was really excited to use one of the new international stamps I picked up recently! 🙂

Airmail sticker card47-DIRECT-SWAP-CANADA-may5.2014-stamp

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Sent Cards #131 & 132

Airmail sticker card131-POLAND-july22.2013-pcard-stamps

Martha in Warsaw, Poland is new to Postcrossing and hadn’t received a card yet, so I really wanted to send her one of my cards. I thought it would be a cool 1st card to get. 🙂 (It’s really rare to get either a Postcrossing card or stamp!)

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 7,332 km! Martha wrote, “Thank you for this beautiful postcard. I’m really happy, because it’s my first card in postcrossing and getting it made me thrilled.”  


Deltlover in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada likes baseball, so I sent him this card I picked up last year in Chicago. Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards, so Deltlover is short for lover of postcards. 🙂 Cool name!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 47 days after traveling 738 km! Deltlover wrote, “thx for the card.” Wow! 47 days! I’m so curious what journey my card took, since it would only take about 13 hours to drive there!!! lol 

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