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Received Cards #156, 157, 158, 159 & 160

I received so many postcards today! I love days like today! 🙂


Päivi from Peräseinäjoki, Finland sent me this super cute card of cows! And, she included a few stamps for me! I LOVE them! Especially the Santa ones. 🙂 She said she lives on a farm and has 7,000 hens! Wow!!!


Favorite cheese: Tomme Blanche (traditional cheese usually made in the Alps)

Carole lives near Perpignan, France and sent me a card with two of my loves on it: ice skating and cheese. It’s wonderful! 🙂 Who knew such a card existed! 🙂

156-HONG-KONG-jan30.2014  156-HONG-KONG-jan30.2014-stamp

Kent from Hong Kong sent me this very colorful card, and equally colorful and beautiful stamp! 🙂 He lives there with his wife, son and 2 cats!

158-POLAND-jan30.2014 158-POLAND-jan30.2014-stamp

Karolina from Poznań, Poland sent this neat card of her hometown. It looks like there’s a lot of interesting things to see and do there!

159-GERMANY-jan30.2014  159-GERMANY-jan30.2014-stamps

Favorite cheese: Leerdammer (similar to Emmental)

Silke is a biologist from Northern Germany, and lives near the Baltic Sea. The painting is called “Die Witwe und das Junge Elternpaar” which means “The Widow and the Young Parents”. Such pretty stamps!

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Sent Card #146


I sent this mapcard to Catherine in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland! She is a geodesist – I had to look that up, because I had no clue what that was. It’s basically the study of the size, shape and gravitational field of earth. They might do things like make maps, determine the depth of an ocean or height of a mountain, or shifts in the earth’s crust. That’s really fascinating!!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 6,962 km! Catherine wrote, “Hello! Thanks for your beautiful card:) I love it 🙂 happy New Year 2014!!!!”

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Received Card #138

138-POLAND-sep3.2013-card 138-POLAND-sep3.2013-envelope138-POLAND-sep3.2013-stamps138-POLAND-sep3.2013-sticker

I received this great card from Marta in Poland today! She sent a few stamps in the envelope (none of which I have!), and a super adorable, felt lion sticker!

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Sent Cards #131 & 132

Airmail sticker card131-POLAND-july22.2013-pcard-stamps

Martha in Warsaw, Poland is new to Postcrossing and hadn’t received a card yet, so I really wanted to send her one of my cards. I thought it would be a cool 1st card to get. 🙂 (It’s really rare to get either a Postcrossing card or stamp!)

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 7,332 km! Martha wrote, “Thank you for this beautiful postcard. I’m really happy, because it’s my first card in postcrossing and getting it made me thrilled.”  


Deltlover in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada likes baseball, so I sent him this card I picked up last year in Chicago. Deltiology is the study and collection of postcards, so Deltlover is short for lover of postcards. 🙂 Cool name!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 47 days after traveling 738 km! Deltlover wrote, “thx for the card.” Wow! 47 days! I’m so curious what journey my card took, since it would only take about 13 hours to drive there!!! lol 

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Received Cards #119 & 120

119-POLAND-july10.2013 119-POLAND-july10.2013-stamp

Sylwia from Poland sent me a neat postcard from the Beskid Mountains that stretch from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. It looks really pretty! It seems a lot of people on Postcrossing don’t like multi-view cards, but I think they’re really cool. Instead of one picture, I get a bunch!


Favorite cheese: Morbier

Eva from Germany sent me this cute card of a cat and mouse that says, “Peace is super!”

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Sent Card #122


I sent this mapcard to Sara in Wrocław, Poland. All she had written on her profile was “I believe in magic :)” which I found fascinating. I wrote to her that I used to work for a circus and that I believe in magic too. 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 8 days after traveling 7,156 km! Sara wrote, “hello hello, thanks a lot for postcard 🙂 A CIRCUUUUUS? wooooow, awesome!!!! all the best for you :)”

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Received Card #99, 100 & 101


This pretty watercolor postcard is from Kathy in Hong Kong. I LOVE the guinea pig stamp!!! 😀

poland   olandddd

Aleksandra from Nowy Sącz, Poland sent me this card of Kraków, because she said her city doesn’t have any interesting cards. Hahhha 🙂 I send cards from other cities too, because I think the ones where I live are boring. She recommended a singer called “Iron & Wine”, who I’ve never heard of, but I mentioned him to a friend and he said he was good.

germany Scan 6

Birgit in Kirchlengern, Germany sent me this card of her hometown. 🙂

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Sent Cards #88 & 89

84-POLAND-march4-card-front 84-POLAND-march4-card-stamp

Emily lives in Wrocław, Poland and likes reading and Harry Potter. I wish I had some Harry Potter cards, but sadly I don’t. 😦 So I sent her this card of a bookcover that I love, and was sort of hard to part with! 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 18 days after traveling 7,156 km! Emily wrote me a really sweet thank you, and was happy to receive my card. She also shares my love of Snape! 🙂 



Another card arrived in Poland today! Hurray! 🙂 It had expired, so I’m really happy it made it there. Thomas is a teacher by day and a knight… well, at night. He travels Poland with his friends and participates in tournaments. I think that’s so cool! Of course he prefers his cards to be knight themed – so I had originally sent him the card of the castle above. But sadly, it was lost in the mail. It was also really sad because it was my last one and I had bought it in Chicago. So I tried again and sent him a Virginia mapcard. It finally arrived today! Although it wasn’t knight themed, my stamp had a castle and a conquistador… which I know isn’t the same, but I tried!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 98 days after traveling 7,315 km! Thomas wrote, “Thank you very much for the lovely postcard. This postcard came to me. Greetings from Poland. :)”

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Received Card #70 & 71

71-POLAND-feb22.2013-card 71-POLAND-feb22.2013-stamp71-POLAND-feb22.2013-airmail

Magda lives in Libiąż, Poland and sent me this pretty card. Peacock feathers are so beautiful!


My first card from Israel! And what a beautiful one too. Yulia said that right before she drew my name on Postcrossing, she was eating Brie. So funny! I am obsessed with cheese. And I just love this card!

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Received Card #66

66-POLAND-feb2.2013 66-POLAND-feb2.2013-stamp

Favorite cheese: Mozzarella

Karolina in Tychy, Poland send me this adorable card. She wrote a really nice, long letter and it’s been a while since I received one. So I wrote her one back!

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