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Postcard from the Singapore Philatelic Museum!

snake SINGAPORE-MUSEUM-feb27-stamps

Back in February, Postcrossing announced on their blog that the Singapore Philatelic Museum was holding a new exhibit to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake). It was called “Snakes and Ladders” and aimed towards children. They have an exhibit every year to celebrate the New Year. And for several years (since 2008), Postcrossing members have been invited to send postcards (with that year’s animal) to the museum, which would then be displayed in the exhibit for children to read and look at. They also said anyone who included their address, would receive a card back!

I couldn’t find a snake postcard anywhere, so I made my own. I had seen a copperhead while walking in a park and took some pictures, then added some text and 2 Chinese New Year’s stamps (2011: Year of the Rabbit with the oranges & 2013: Year of the Snake with the firecrackers).

This is the card the museum send me today! I was so delighted to get it – I wasn’t expecting a personal, handwritten note. I also love the design! I’m guessing these cards were intended for children to color in. Neat! 🙂

thai Scan 11

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Received Cards #133, 134 & 135


Svetlana in Minsk, Belarus sent me this beautiful card, and amazing stamp! My favorite stamps are Olympic ones, so I was really delighted to get this stamp! 🙂


Natalia from Svetogorsk, Russia found this card in an antique shop while traveling. I LOVE IT! It is a photo from St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. I visited the cathedral when I was in Russia in 2000. It is such a beautiful church! I was so excited to see this card. 🙂

133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013 133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013-stamp133-SINGAPORE-aug25.2013-airmail

My 1st card from Singapore! Ashlyn sent me this cool ad card. I was so excited to get it, plus the stamps and airmail sticker!

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