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South Dakota mapcard

I found an amazing shop on Etsy that has great priced vintage postcards! I found this neat South Dakota mapcard for $1.25 with 2 other cards, bundled as a group. So happy to get this card! 🙂


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Swap #50

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Lynn from Sioux Falls, South Dakota contacted me about swapping, after she’d recently bought some postcards on my little Etsy shop. She said she had a South Dakota mapcard, and I was soooo excited to get it because I’m trying to collect a mapcard from every US state. To my complete delight she sent a HUGE package full of postcards (including some amazing vintage Chicago cards) and brochures on South Dakota. I went to South Dakota when I was a kid, so seeing the brochures brought back a lot of memories and make me really want to go back!

I love that the vintage cards say “one cent”. 🙂 I wish stamps were still that cheap!

I sent Lynn the card below:


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