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Sent Card #178

Milwaukee Art Museum178-USA-TX-feb9.2014-stamps

I sent this card to Kristal in College Station, Texas, USA. She said she likes architecture. So I sent her this card from my hometown, of the Milwaukee Art Museum. It’s hard to tell from the card, but the museum is right by Lake Michigan. The building has “wings” that open when the museum opens, and close when the museum closes. I went to the museum’s opening some years ago, and it was spectacular to see the wings open for the first time!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 16 days after traveling 1,895 km! Kristal wrote, “Thanks for the postcard! I would love to see the wings move! […] I hope you’re doing well 🙂 “

I wrote Kristal back and gave her a video link to see the wings move. Click here.

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Swap #36

36-DIRECT-SWAP-UDA-ID-feb11.2014 36-DIRECT-SWAP-UDA-ID-feb11.2014-stamps

YAY! I found Valerie from Texas on the Postcrossing Forum, and she had some Idaho mapcards to swap. I’m trying to collect all 50 US states, and Idaho seems to be one of the harder ones to get. I had some problems receiving emails on the forum, and so I decided to sent her 2 postcards. 🙂 I think these work nicely as a pair anyway, since I usually go from Virginia via DC to my home state of Wisconsin.

I sent Valerie these cards:


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Received Card #91

Scan 10-sm Scan 9

Maria from Texas sent me this card of the Rio Grande Valley Wing of the Commemorative Air Force!

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Sent Card #46 & 47

The Croft family lives in Dallas, Texas – one of my favorite cities! I was there last year with the circus and had an amazing time. I’m sending them this mapcard with some facts about VA.

UPDATE November 2, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 2 days after traveling 1,830 km! My card would have arrived in 1 day if the mailman had actually picked up my outgoing mail three days ago! Second time in 2 weeks. *grumble* 

I’m sending yet another Virginia mapcard. 🙂 They seem to be very popular so I just bought 20 more. 🙂 Michael lives in Coesfeld, Germany and is a firefighter! I think that’s really amazing. One of the cool parts about Postcrossing is how many Germans participate. I studied German for 7 years and lived in Germany for 12 weeks. But for the past several years I haven’t had many people to practice my German with. I’m hoping this will improve my German and so far, everyone I’ve written seems to understand and even compliment me on my German! Yet another great thing about Postcrossing!

UPDATE November 6, 2012: Hurray! My card reached its destination in 6 days after traveling 6,497 km! Aw, Michael wanted to know how I learned such good German. That made me feel so good to read! 

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