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1st Expired Card


I had my first postcard “expire” recently on Postcrossing, which was a bit soul crushing. 😦 (Postcards “expire” if the person receiving it, hasn’t registered the card after 60 days. However, they can still register the card for one year, from the date you request it.)

This one truly expired because I sent it a year ago. Therefore, there’s no way to register it, and I’m out the cost of the card, postage and time it took me to write the card.

I’ve had a few cards expire (after 60 days) and normally, I’ve sent another card or contacted the person I sent it to. However, the person to whom I sent the card hadn’t logged in for a long time (several months), plus i emailed her and kindly asked her to register the card, but she didn’t. It’s really frustrating and I wish Postcrossing would change it’s policy, and void unregistered cards when the user hasn’t logged in for months, so that I may receive another card from someone… I should write to them. πŸ™‚

To note, if someone deletes their account, it counts as a registered card (I had that happen once).

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Received Card #97 & 98

Scan 6chinaaaaaa

I received this great and colorful card from Beam in Thailand. He bought this card while on vacation in China! On the back of the card is written, “Operas singing as high as roaring”. πŸ™‚

netherlands netherlands2

Favorite cheese: Anne says Manchego is her favorite, but Dutch is the best. πŸ™‚Β 

Anne from the Netherlands sent me this card she said she made as a child. I can relate! I have a lot of cards I made as a child. The front says “Te laat” which means “too late” in Dutch. The card wasn’t late, and I think it’s really cute! πŸ™‚

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