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Letter from Merve in Turkey!

img20150401_03220276 copy 2 img20150401_03220276 copy img20150401_03225473

Merve from Ankara, Turkey always has the best cards and messages for me! 🙂 I adore this New York card, and the airmail themed Eskişehir, Turkey card. The heart shaped stamp is also super amazing. 🙂

I sent Merve these cards last November:

MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card1 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-card2 MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-envelope MERVE-2014.10OCT.21-plastes

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Letter from Merve! :)

merve-2 merve-1 merve-3

Merve from Ankara, Turkey sent me a lovely letter today, along with these great stamps, and super cute foam dog sticker! 🙂

Last, I sent her these cards from Wisconsin, and a few stamps since she collects them! 🙂

MERVE-2014.3MARCH.10-card2 MERVE-2014.3MARCH.10-card


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Swaps with Yiqi and Merve


Yiqi sent me this awesome Christmas card a few months ago! The snowman is detachable. 🙂 She sent it from China. She also sent a postcard from London, England where she’s studying. I love it! 🙂

MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-card MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-pic  MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-book MERVE-2014.2FEB.1-stamps

Merve from Ankara, Turkey sent this great ice skating card and photo she took of Istanbul! It looks so pretty. I also love the stamps. 🙂

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Sent Card #182


Favorite cheeses: Blue cheese (gorgonzola, danish blue, roquefort), gouda, old amsterdam, peccorino, parmegiano, brie, feta, Ezine peyniri, Tulum & Sürk (a local cheese) 

I sent this card to Burcu in İskenderun, Turkey. She is clearly a cheese fanatic too. 🙂 This postcard was on her favorites list – it makes me really happy when I can send a card that someone really wants!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 12 days after traveling 9,320 km! Burcu wrote, “Thanks for the cute card and paying attention to what I like 🙂 […] The weather is very beautiful here these days. […] Here we consume tons of tea, and we love eating cheese while drinking our tea in the morning, with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and simit (turkish bagel) Or pide bread. The summers are really hot in my hometown so we usually have cheese and breakfast stuff for dinner. Wow! Sorry! Have a fantastic day :)”  I love her reply! 🙂 

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Sent Cards #174 & 175

174-TURKEY-jan24 174-TURKEY-jan24-stamps

Selin is from İstanbul-Halkalı, Turkey and she said to write my favorite song. My favorites right now are: “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown and “Galway Girl” by Steve Earle. 🙂 My favorite songs change all the time. But those are 2 songs that I love right now.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 26 days after traveling 8,545 km! Selin wrote, “Hey Maria! I love both of museums and animals, I very liked your postcard, thanks a lot : ) I hope your dreams come true and you can work in NYC as soon as possible. I’m listening to your fav songs right now, Zac Brown has a beautiful voice, I must say! Have a great week, -Selin”

175-LITHUANIA-feb6.2014 175-LITHUANIA-feb6.2014-stamps

Aušra from Kaunas, Lithuania wrote that she likes colorful and painted cards, so I sent her this one.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 13 days after traveling 7,344 km! Aušra wrote, “Regards from Kaunas! Thank you for your postcard. Really I am not a big fan of abstract art, but I was intrigued by this painting and especially by that red stripe 🙂 All the best, Aušra”

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Catching up with Merve!

I just got this beautiful card from Merve today. She is my Turkish penpal. 🙂 It’s a UNICEF card of a textile from Pakistan and I think it’s beautiful! The stamps from Turkey are so cool. I love stamps with food on them! They’re such an unusual sight here in the USA. The airmail sticker is also neat and the Band-Aid reminds me of an iPod ad! 🙂

MERVE-2013.10oct.29-card MERVE-2013.10oct.29-airmailMERVE-2013.10oct.29-stampsMERVE-2013.10oct.29-bandaid

I sent Merve this stuff back in May (homemade card, bookmarks, calendar, Band-Aids, postcard):

MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-cardMERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bookmarkMERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bookmark2  MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-calendar MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-bandaids MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-pcard MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-pcard2 MERVE-2013.5may.22.2013-stamps

Merve sent me this birthday card in June:

MERVE-2013.6june.xx-pcard MERVE-2013.6june.xx-stamps

And I had sent her this Snoopy card in August! 🙂 (Merve’s 1st letter to me said she loved Halloumi cheese… which I tried and ABSOLUTELY LOVED. I had a cookout and tried frying it on a grill. It was amazing. 🙂 So that’s my picture with Halloumi, sausage and veggies! 🙂 I found it at Trader Joe’s in the US. I really recommend it. Amazing cheese that doesn’t melt on a grill. It’s also great cold!)

MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-card   MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras2 MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-extras3 MERVE-2013.8aug.28.2013-stamps

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Scan 644Scan 644555555Scan 7Scan 644555

Merve sent me this gorgeous postcard from Istanbul. Such a beautiful drawing! She also sent me this great magnet from Cirque du Soleil. I love Cirque! I’ve only seen one of their shows, but it was pretty cool. I hope to see many more! Merve also sent a really awesome bookmark – I LOVE flags. Even the envelope is really neat. 🙂

Below are the things I had sent Merve. She collects Band-Aids, so I made her a card made from a Band-Aid box (and I added Muppet Band-Aids). She also collects wristbands and bookmarks, so I added a wristband I got from the Milwaukee Public Museum and a bookmark I made from stamps.


MERVE-2013.3march.15.2013-stamps MERVE-2013.3march.15.2013-writstbandMERVE-2013.3march.15.2013-bookmarkMERVE-2013.3march.15.2013-bookmark2

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Letter from my Turkish penpal!

Turkey Turkey3urkey2  Scan 4 turkey6

I got a letter from my Turkish penpal today! I love getting Merve’s letters. 🙂 She sent me 2 really cool bookmarks – the “jumbo peanuts” one is double-sided and has magnets in between. And she also sent me a purple one (it looks blue in the photo). She made the design on the paper herself! She says it’s “marbling art”. I know nothing about that, but I’d really like to try it! The super cute card is from UNICEF, and she included lots of great stamps on the envelope!!! I also like the circle drawings she sent. It immediately reminded me of when I was a kid, and I’d go to my grandma’s house and she had a Spirograph I played with. I’d sit there for hours making circle patterns. I wonder if she still has it? It was so much fun!

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Received Card #74 & 75


Vadim in Khabarovsk, Russia sent me this great card. I love the smaller picture on the right side. It’s such a great example of old Communist city planning with huge standardized apartment blocks surrounding the city, and everything else in the center of the town. When I lived in St. Petersburg, I lived in one of those apartment buildings, and it was always confusing which one I was living in! Apparently this isn’t rare, and a super popular Soviet film was released in the 1970s about a guy who gets confused and enters the wrong apartment, and insisting that it’s his home. The film is called, “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” It’s an awesome movie!

75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card3 75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-card275-TURKEY-feb25  75-TURKEY-feb25.2013-stamps

Ceyda from Turkey is also a graphic designer and sent me these awesome cards and equally awesome stamps! Yay! 🙂 She told me about a Turkish fondue called Muhlama. I found a recipe for it, and I want to try to make it!

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Merhaba from my Turkish penpal!

merve merve2 coffeeScan 2

Merve sent me these 2 beautiful cards today! I love the colors on both so much. She sent me a packet of instant Turkish coffee, and told me to take a picture so she could read the grounds. AND she added these wonderful Olympics stamps! Yay!

So today I sent her another card I made from a Band-Aid box. 🙂 I added each of the 3 Candyland Band-Aids, a picture of the coffee grounds and a postcard from the Virginia Aquarium since she likes fish.


MERVE-2013.1jan.22.2013-grounds MERVE-2013.1jan.22.2013-postcard

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