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Received Cards #180 & 181

180-GERMANY-march15.2014 180-GERMANY-march15.2014-stamp180-GERMANY-march15.2014-airmail

Regine from Frankfurt, Germany sent me this beautiful card by Hundertwasser! I wish my scan could show how all the dark green circles on the trees are shiny. It’s such a neat card. The back is black, so Regine wrote with a silver pen (love!). She told me that the 55 cent stamp is actually a photo she took in NYC, and she only had 3 made – and she shared one with me! 🙂 That’s so special and cool. I love it.


Kateryna from Simferopol, Ukraine sent me this awesome circus card!!! 🙂 I love anything circus related. She also sent this fabulous rooster stamp in the envelope. I have very few Ukrainian stamps, so I’m really happy to add this one to my collection! I’m pretty sure it’s mint (unused) and if so, it’s the only mint one I have in my collection now.

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Sent Card #179


Nata and her two year old niece collect postcards together in Kiev, Ukraine. Nata was introduced to Postcrossing because her niece wanted to see an exhibit while they were walking in a park, and the exhibit turned out to be about Postcrossing! That’s really cute. 🙂 I sent this card to them because they like cards with city views on them.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 11 days after traveling 7,975 km! Nata wrote, “I am happy to receive this nice card from you! And special thanks for interesting stamps and story! I know about Richmond from the favourite book of my family (my Mum really adores this book and re-reads it from time to time) “Gone with the Wind” by M.Mitchell. Wish you love, fun and many postcards.”

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Received Cards #131 & 132

ScanScan 1

Favorite cheese: Brie & Roquefort (also Feta, Parmesan & Gouda 🙂 )

I love this drawing! Asya from Kiev, Ukraine sent me this lovely card, and cute stamps! She is also a cheese fan. 🙂

Scan2222222Scan 2

Train! I adore trains, so it was great to see this card in my mailbox. Christina lives near Essen, Germany and said the area she lives in was very popular for mining, but now the mine dumps have been turned into green spaces. She opened her letter with, “GlĂĽck auf!” which is an old miner greeting. It roughly means “Good luck” in English. 🙂 There’s a more in depth description here. I also love the stamps and postmark – they go so beautifully with the card!

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Sent Card #133

133-UKRAINE-july19.2013 133-UKRAINE-july19.2013-stamps

I love this card! 🙂 It went to Sveta in Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine. I had really wanted to mention that I love Oksana Baiul (who was born there), but I ran out of room! I write too much on postcards. 🙂 I need to learn how to write smaller, even though I write pretty tiny right now! (My friends always laugh at how small my “postcard writing” is. 🙂 )

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 13 days after traveling 8,384 km! Sveta wrote, “Thanks a lot for your beatiful postcard)) Best wishes from Ukraine”

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Sent Card #115

Airmail sticker card115-UKRAINE-may24.2013-stamps

Olga in Kiev, Ukraine is 14 and wants to become a designer. So I sent her this card I designed, and told her about my design career.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 14 days after traveling 7,994 km! Olga didn’t write anything when she registered my card. 

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Sent Cards #102 & 103


Inna in Kiev, Ukraine likes turtles so I sent her this card. She also asked for recipes, so I sent her my very favorite one (Pumpkin Salsa Soup). 🙂

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 21 days after traveling 7,994 km! Inna wrote, “Hello! I`m so happy today, because I have just received your postcard=) Thank You very much for this amazing postcard and stamps! I really like it! And thanks for the recipe! It was nice to receive postcard from you! 🙂 Take care and have a nice weekend! All the best, Inna.”

109-US-FLORIDA-may15-front 109-US-FLORIDA-may15-stamp

Billie in Florida likes black & white vintage cards, so I sent him this card. I love it! 🙂 The picture is so cheesy.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 4 days after traveling 1,113 km! Billie wrote, “Thanks for the card, I love it! Happy Postcrossing”

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Sent Cards #97 & 98

Bo99-NJ-april10.2013-CARD-back-LOST-stamp 99-NJ-may8-CARD-BACK-stamp

This card went to Candace in New Jersey, USA – twice. I noticed after a few weeks that it didn’t arrive, so I sent it again on May 8. Thankfully it arrived this time! I used vintage (dog) stamps the first time – I wonder if that was the problem? I’ve used these particular ones several times, so I don’t know. I used the apple one the 2nd time around.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 33 days after traveling 448 km! Candace wrote, “Love the Bo card! Thank you.”


I sent this card to Maksym in Ukraine. It expired, and I noticed he hadn’t logged into Postcrossing for several weeks. So I emailed him and asked if he could register my card – the next day he deleted his account. I don’t really understand why people sign up for Postcrossing and don’t bother to register their cards. Like, if you try it and decide you don’t want to continue, that’s fine, but why not register the cards you get? I was really frustrated. But after a while, Postcrossing sent me an email saying since the Maksym deleted his account, they would automatically register my card. 🙂 Yay, Postcrossing!

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Received Card #94


Daria from Kiev, Ukraine sent me this very relaxing looking card. It’s of the Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort in the Province of Grosseto, Italy. I looked at their website and it’s a luxury resort and spa with a hot spring, 18-hole golf course and a 1 Michelin Star restaurant. Is it time for a vacation yet?

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Sent Cards #91 & 92


Valery from Kiev, Ukraine wrote on her profile that her dream is to visit NY and London. I’ve lived in both of those amazing cities so I wrote her and said MY dream is to visit Kiev! 🙂 Kiev looks like such an exotic and intriguing place. I’ve wanted to go there for many years. On her postcard wishlist were cards from NYC, so I sent her this one. It made me really miss Brooklyn!

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 15 days after traveling 7,994 km! Valery wrote, “Thank you for your lovely card it`s amazing!!!! I wish someday I can visit NYC!!! & your card helps to make my dream true!!!” 🙂 


Petra from Freiburg, Germany wrote that she likes postcards with a sky. I might maybe this card would be a good fit. She also said she likes interesting stamps so I included some of the new “Apples” postcard stamps that were released in January 2013.

HURRAY! My card reached its destination in 15 days after traveling 6,716 km! Petra wrote, “Hello!!! Thank you very much for your view card WISCONSIN arriving today. Greetings from Freiburg on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Petra”

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Received Card #83, 84 & 85


Favorite cheeses: Sour cream & Camembert

Julia from Kyiv, Ukraine sent me this great card! At first I thought it was the NY Public Library, but it’s actually the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The lighthouse stamp is awesome!


Favorite cheeses: Gouda & Emmentaler 

Irmgard from Essen, Germany sent me this SUPER cute Easter card! I love it. 🙂 I’ve been so busy lately, but this reminded me of how excited I am for Easter. I also LOVE the stamps! I have the one on the left, but I still think it’s a great photo and love getting it. I could get a hundred of those stamps, and I’d still be excited to see it. And the other stamp is just beautifully designed. It’s of the Elbtunnel which is a pedestrian and vehicle tunnel in Hamburg, Germany – which is my favorite city in Germany!!! 🙂

Scan 16Scan 17

Christina from Dresden, Germany sent me this super great card of a lighthouse! I love lighthouses! 🙂 This lighthouse is on the island of Sylt, Germany.

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